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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • There are very few roleplays that will make me suffer through work with either no sleep, or very little; this guy right here, he's a genius when it comes to plot & keeping things interesting. I won't even go into what a joy he is ooc, or how I could waste hours of my life singing his praises. Seriously, you guys would be here all night. - Rikelle

  • I've known this guy since before I even KNEW that I knew this guy, and let me tell you what: there's a reason I've been talking to him for so long. Charming, quick witted, entirely too creative for his own good, and wonderful company. The characters this guy comes up with are not only imaginative, but well written and played with a steady, logical hand. Bravo, man, seriously. - Rikelle

  • Lorvilran tends to show how awesome he is, many people struggle to deal with the incredible force of his awesome. I know it's a battle long fought to keep his awesome from destroying this world and the next!

    I'm Jetticus and I approved this Kudos! - Jetticus

  • It's incredible that someone with such fleshed out, CREEPY characters can be so completely and refreshingly charming, themselves. I've never ever had a dull moment with this guy, and he's got one of those minds that just shouldn't be legal; creative, imaginative, and stunningly well spoken. <3 - Rikelle

  • Azzaroth (played by isolationary)
    Azzaroth is kind of amazing in every way, I'm just saying. Even sans the amazing mind behind him, this guy is wonderful -- and his backstory has me just dying for another roleplay! - Rikelle

  • Verpa (played by Rikelle)
    Verpa is a character that is as charming as he is intoxicating. I find myself drawn to RP with him when he is around, and can't get enough of his spunky personality. - CrescentNomad

  • Goat
    Robin is a fantastic individual with characters to die for, at times in the literal sense! I've watched her improve leaps and bounds in her artwork, my jaw usually ending up on the floor. Her characters are unique and it is difficult not to be drawn to them. This is a person who is a must to RP with! - CrescentNomad

  • This is a person I adore. Filled with fresh ideas, as well as a driving force to improve things around them, I always enjoy their company! - CrescentNomad

  • Fiver (played anonymously)
    Wickedly deceptive, unnaturally cruel, but endlessly fascinating. To say I don't love my interaction with this creep would be a blatant lie. The RP is always sure to be phenomenal, and the player behind him is very understanding and agreeable. Love him! - CrescentNomad

  • Hegan (played anonymously)
    This character is so lovable it is hard for me not to pinch his cheeks into oblivion (I won't state which pair ;D). Thoroughly intriguing as well as fascinating, Hegan is a hard one to resist! - CrescentNomad

  • I have to say I love RPing with Embry's characters. Full of personality and enjoyable company, I never find myself bored when engaging one of her creations. The player is a true sweetheart and really enjoyable all around. - CrescentNomad

  • I have known this woman for years and she has always been a wonderful person to interact with. Not only are her characters fun, but her artwork is something to admire! A great RPer and intelligence wrapped into one neat package. - CrescentNomad

  • Experience is so nice, and was one of the first people to rp with me here! I really enjoyed meeting her character Experience and hope to have another RP with her in the future! :) - Loki

  • Eve
    An utter sweetheart and a grand artist, Eve is a very creative mind. I have yet to RP with her officially, but seeing her interact with others is a great thing to be a witness to. Always upbeat and willing to lend a hand, she is someone you should get to know! - CrescentNomad

  • As much fun to RP with as she is to chat OOCly with, Nikki is unique. I find I can talk to her about anything and she is very open minded. Very happy to have met this individual :3 - CrescentNomad

  • Desmin, Desmin, Desmin. What is there to say about Desmin? Well, for one she's friggin' awesome. I love talking with this player over Skype, she's creative, fun and enjoys some good humor in roleplay. While Chnoubis remains an intimidating figure in Furcadia's Golden Tether, her roleplay is top-notch. <3 - Mars

  • Stasia (played anonymously)
    An amazing take on a simple pre-made. Stasia has been completely reinvented and made this amazing, lively, believable character. She is flawed and beautiful and... Gawd, just RP with her already. - Shawn

  • V&L is gorgeous. If that isn't enough reason to pounce on her, then you need to get your priorities straight. The end. - Shawn

  • Who is a master of all things unconventional and yet so very catchy?! THIS GUY! Play with Blair, he's awesome -- and his profile picture is red and mysterious. You know you want it. - Shawn

  • Zaire (played by Brutal)
    Et gets na' betta' denna rite kine'eart leopon detta weave ya' op wan fine piece'a cloth fi' impress ya' kin. Zaire is the truth! - Shawn