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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Omg Abby is amazing and her art is incredible! She's always fun to RP with. ^^ - Anna

  • Dagger (played by Jane)
    Well spoken, knows what she wants and how to get it, plans ahead and can be worth anyone's time with the detail to the char's posts. If there was 100 Dagger's then there be a lot of happy, kept in line slaves out there...She has a true deep dominance thats hard to come by these days. Worth every minute to be around her :3 - EdtheNeko

  • He's a fun quirky werewolf assassin that is definitely the kind you don't want coming around your more...chaste characters. - Rubix

  • Sanne is my Internet-Wife. But beside that, she is so much more. At first I annoyed the hell out of her but over the years we got friends. She has always an ear to listen to my problems, and showers me with love randomly. I adore you, and your character-ideas. But also the way you give me advice when im lost. Thank you so much <3 Ilu. - Jane

  • One of my favorite people on the whole interweb. True story. I cannot get enough of her unique characters and wonderful RP style. LOVE YEW! - CheshireCatti

  • This girl is fabulous. She's extremely talented and creative. Give her a chance and she won't disappoint you! - Highjinx

  • One of my favorite RPers of all time. Her level of creativity reflects that she regularly allows her mind to carouse outside of the box. The style of her writing paired with the amazing humor makes for some great times. - Brandon

  • Strange is probably one of the funnest RPs on the site. She is open-minded and fun, and loves awkward moments just as much as me! Oh, how cruel we can be to our characters. :3 - kuroi_neko

  • Although Highjinx hasn't even been around the site for a month, she's been a total sweetheart by welcoming new members and being actively involved with... well, everything! :D - Sanne

  • If you're not friends with this person, you're wrong. :D Kaylour is one of the most helpful people I've ever met and puts a lot of effort into her art and characters. c: - Majordomo

  • Shame is an absolutely gorgeous player. The posts are wonderful! I have a hard time waiting for the next one. <3 Communicative and so easy to talk to OOC. A total joy to play with :3 - Highjinx

  • Dagger (played by Jane)
    Through out my years in TGT, Dagger has remained one of the only characters I can say I admire every bit of. She is visually simple yet stunning. The character is exotic, deep, and interesting. The roleplay is of a quality few can match. I adore Dagger! - Moki

  • Delaware (played anonymously)
    Del is the sweetest, most fantastic and very well played character i've encountered in a long time. seriously, they have the most addicting rp ever it's stupid. <3 - Vikadine

  • Great characters, friendly person and very knowledgeable on a part of history I like! - DirtySanchez

  • I've gotta agree with Fera, Abby is one of the best truly. Love the dedication and deep thought she puts into every character, genuine RP every time; love RPing with her. <3 - Crystert

  • Tajar (played by Tajar)
    Tajar is very creative when roleplaying. Who else would carry fire in their elephant ears just to light a room? - MnMike

  • I gotta give this guy credit for what he's built. I know first-hand how hard it is to keep a guild active and interesting. DS runs events regularly and is really inclusive, so anyone who attends the stuff he does is bound to have a good time. Major props! - Ilmarinen

  • Elijah (played by Rubix)
    Where to start on Elijah!? He's definitely a lot of fun to play with, and it seems like he's got a smart remark for everything! He's not your typical rich boy, if you play with him you'll be pleasantly surprised! :) - Loki

  • I can not begin to describe how happy I am that I replied to StillDoll's latest Forum topic! It's turning out great, and Playing out a story with her really is amazingly fun! I'm really glad I met her!
    Props to you girl, keep it up! - Freyya

  • Xerxes (played by Rubix)
    Oh my gosh where to start? Xerxes is the cutest thing ever, seriously. He makes you want to pick him up and squish him! You definitely won't regret playing with this adorable dragonling! <3 - Loki