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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • What a take charge kind of character! She comes off as a little gruff at first, but I for one am glad she speaks ancient greek! - Loki

  • I've given this wonderful spaceship kudos before but I don't think the singular word "creepy" [while accurate, do not mistake me] quite encompasses the amazingness of this squid. If I had to choose another singular word, however, among them would be "Witty", "Open-minded[compound, it counts]", "devious", "dastardly", "creative", "innovative", "inspiring", "polite", and "delicious." - Prince

  • An incredibly charming and sweet person, always a pleasure to talk to and has some of the most amazing ideas and character's I've seen. Azzaroth is my favorite [sorry love <3] But I always enjoy being nosy and taking a peek at their others. Talk to this amazing wasp. - Prince

  • Gabriel (played by Loki)
    While a car with eyes can easily startle him and send him screaming, he does seem to be someone that is nice to meet! - Kyra45

  • Rakka (played by kuroi_neko)
    Rakka may be a little hot headed, but he seems like a nice guy to be around. He just wants to form a pro bending team! Is that so hard? Go Sparrowkeets! <3 - Loki

  • Kuroi has some really awesome characters, and was one of the first people to jump on the Republic City group! Her artwork is amazing too, I cannot wait to rp with her more! - Loki

  • The player behind Crea W is so incredibly thoughtful. She's always friendly and open to whispers, managing enjoyable conversations while always respectful of others. She's a doll! She provides enjoyable roleplay and includes people all around, I've seen her in action and although I don't believe we've had the chance to roleplay just yet, I look forward to sharing the experience with her. I recommend this player anywhere, if not for a good source of entertainment, then for pleasant conversation. - Mars

  • Artair is by far one of the most memorable characters I've had the joy of meeting. From his overwhelming insistence that "it's not a skirt--it's a kilt!" to his sarcastic and dry quips which come so frequently and naturally--he has easily endeared himself to me. A great character with an awesome roleplayer you can't help but hope to be friends with! - PenGryphon2007

  • Naida (played anonymously)
    This character will always keep you on your toes. From creativity, to sensuality, to even HOLY NO SHE DIDN'T moments. You must roleplay with her, you must chase her down the beach naked. (It's a requirement) Seriously, just get to know Naida and find out how wonderful this bag of shifter is - TheCoffeeWolf

  • One of the most amazing woman I know. I could prattle on and on about her. But instead I dedicate a wonderful song to her. 'You had my heart at the starrrtttttt' That says it all,baby doll. Love you, you're amazing. Keep kicking and swinging wench. - TheCoffeeWolf

  • God this woman deserves so much wonderful and win. From years of having to put up with my prattling bull to supportive friendship even to the fact of her sharing moments of epicness just to get giggles (And emiting across the dream), let alone being fabulously creative. Smart, intelligent, and funny as all get out. And that's just half of the characters! The woman behind the characters is even more amazing then them! Respect and recognize her,people. She's earned it. - TheCoffeeWolf

  • I cannot lie,Achi has a particularly soft spot for me after our many discussions of Crea's imaginary parts.Before that I thought he was normal,not really.I'm suppose be nice.Which isn't really that hard at all if you know the man, sweetest of temperament.Always willing to jump up and down with some crazy idea and offer his own two pence(or sense,no lie!) Seriously though, I love this man so much.His characters are classical and not just 'another fad'.He puts heart and soul into everything. - TheCoffeeWolf

  • Borsaiolo (played anonymously)
    A brilliant character, who is absolutely fun to work with. A sense of realism mixed into heavy fantasy that just often isn't found. Not to mention the quirky attitude that portrays both in his posts and his OOC personality. A delight to know in any way. Get rping with him now. - TheCoffeeWolf

  • Claine is an amazing friend and dungeon master. Her plots are amazing and cool and so are her characters. Furthermore she is one kickass spy on TF2. - XinonHyena

  • I'm pretty sure I've given Dylan kudos before. Yet she's awesome enough she deserves so much more. Tirelessly putting herself out there to ensure that TGT and various other things are running smoothly, always willing to help and support people when they've an idea to run with. And even if she is still a little intimidating after knowing her so long, she's amazingly awesome and full of win. Bow down and kiss her feet people. This woman is the bees knees. - TheCoffeeWolf

  • This is one outgoing, friendly, confident gal with a real love for RP. She also speaks a smattering of Dinosaur. - Kim

  • Dylan is a fantastic manager, she works hard, makes time to roleplay with people and friends while juggling work and real life. I know I've given her my unconditional Kudos love before but I find a proper Kudos is in order. She's exciting with fun ideas and always manages to enjoy a roleplay no matter the content! - Mars

  • Jetticus
    I feel as if I might be echoing previous kudos! It's always a pleasure to read whatever Jetticus may have to share on the forums, he's a very active member on RPR and that is awesome to see! - Dylan

  • Samantha Eld (played by autumn)
    Autumn has brought Swash so far. It's wonderful to see a character go through such incredible development, facing huge obstacles and over coming them-- and all in a realistic fashion. Swash, even though I don't roleplay with her all that much, is an awesome character, well though out and quite realistic. - Dylan

  • Stranger (played anonymously)
    Cutest pictures of an armadillo-dog-void being EVAR. I keep running across this profile and every time I burst into laughter when I see Stranger rolling around on her/his/its back with those googly eyes. - Kim