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Antonia Sanchez (played anonymously)


The young woman shrugged. The answer was simple enough and perhaps old fashioned in this day and age, but it was the gender she was attracted to. "Heterosexual, so interested in men." She answered in her straightforward manner.
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 7.
Yivrul (played by WinterBlackDraoi)

"What's my favourite colour? Sea green."
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 8.
Peter (played anonymously)

If you had to make a choice between saving a "bad" person and killing a "good" person, killing a bad person and saving a good person, or sacrificing yourself and saving both people, what would you do?

"I'd kill the bad guy. Is this a trick question or WHAT? Next question. That was too easy, c'mon..."
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 6.
Braedan Black (played by Corvin)

Where/what is your favorite places? Don't have a favorite place/s? What place/s would you like to go?

Lately, my favorite place is where ever I am alone.
Only a couple of people are really worth my time.
Even then, it is subject to change.
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 18.
Abigail Knox (played by Dawnia)

KingdomOdd1 wrote:
Side 3: What's your biggest fear/s?
"This is easy. Deep water. I almost drowned as a child. I still have nightmares about it.
I learned to swim to try and conquer my fear, but now I'm just an adequate swimmer who fears deep water."
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 3.

Note: ... for the question...

Drans (played by LostWanderer)

"*sigh* it would be watching my friends die... I'm almost desensitized to it at this point... but I guess that would be it"
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 12.
"Listen, I don't really like admittin' to shit like this..." Mixie's ego wanted to do everything to prevent her from spilling the truth. "But death is horrifyin' to think about. Now don't get me wrong, doll, I know exactly what'll happen if I die, and that's what makes me feel uneasy! I've spent a good chunk of time in the Underworld, easily the worst month of my life. Gettin' stabbed would probably be a more pleasant experience than that. It'd be a lot quicker of a death, that's for sure."

Mixie groans. "And I'm sure as hell Mul'sako would love to put me through that torture again."

"Also, I'm not a fan of snakes. Tiny little bastards that can kill ya with a single bite... Thanks, but no thanks."
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 3.
Ristel (played anonymously)

Side 2: What's your Zodiac sign?

Mine is Taurus I think. I'm not sure of my exact birthdate but it's around that time.
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 2.
Kioshi (played by Reithesniper)

Lets find out something new shall we?

"My biggest fear....SCP-001 Dr.Locke's proposal. I live in Site 19 most of the time and I'm sure I could restart the universe If it happens, tho the carnage the sun would cause would definitly ruin me for a while- Theres also the The Scarlet King but I don't know much I just know he will destroy my little world eventually and nothing but a little slimeball can saves us"
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 3.
A'sallit (played by hexblading)

Side 19: What's your favorite "style" in clothes, looks, movies, and/or etc?

"In my line of work, which alternates between long journeys at sea and a scant few days representing St. Germain's Fabrics onshore, there is very little opportunity for me to be particularly flamboyant by regards of dress, for one wouldn't risk ripping one's finest coats while manning the mooring line. While I'm way above that station, when all hands are on deck... well, all hands are to be on deck." A'sallit began, pinching his chin. "As such, while I'm sailing with the Red Coeurl, I prefer to wear light clothing. Traditional, especially. Baju kurung, kain samping, the occasional kurta... the works. They're very light on the skin and breathable."

"Not to say one's own culture can't be worn in more formal settings; I would wear them when returning to Thavnair or similar places, but if we're in the presence of Lady St. Germain, I'd have more sense to wear one of her designs, either backdated or current. Formal coats, ascot ties, harnesses with weapons ready--because armaments are part of fashion, what are looks if they aren't meant to kill?-- thigh-high boots with a carved rose knife strapped to the thigh, because you'll always need one for close combat." He finished, counting the points off his fingertips. "Well, I guess you know what kind of textiles shoppe we are, by now."
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 19.
Brittney (played anonymously)

KingdomOdd1 wrote:
Side 16: What's your most embarrassing moment/s you've ever had? Don't have any embarrassing moment/s? What would you consider and "awkward" situation?!

“Oh dear… Embarrassing Moments…. It would have to be the Miss Teen beauty pageant I was in when I was sixteen. It was for State and they had this floating catwalk loop that was over a pond, and they were announcing the twelve semi-finalists. We were in evening gowns and with me being so short, They had a little trouble fitting me into the maroon silk satin dress. It was hemmed up with pins, and I was the last one to go due to the last-minute dress correction.

Anyway, you probably know where this is going…. I strutted out and got to the far end of the loop, and as I smiled and waved and engaged the judges and audience, a pin had come loose on the dress hem, and the heel of my shoe caught on it. Now coordination and walking in high-heels was never my strong suit, so when this happen it disrupted my well-rehearsed timing and I lost my balance. I almost caught myself with just a small stumble, but my heel missed the catwalk by that much. I felt myself tilting so I started waving my arms around like a windmill trying to correct my balance. Needless to say I didn’t, and it felt like a slow-motion scene as I toppled into the water, hitting it flat on my back sending water cascading everywhere.

What was a girl to do? Yes I cried, but I was soaked so it wasn’t noticed. The pond was only about three feet deep, so, once I got myself stood up, I got my hands on the catwalk and managed to hoist myself back up. The music had kept playing, and the audience was a mix of talking and laughing, so I stood up and realized the wayward shoe was missing, so I kicked the other one off into the pond. I then stretched my arms out to each side and bowed deeply, all the while keeping my bright smile intact before finishing my strut around and back. My hair had come undone and hung limply down and the dress stuck to me everywhere.

Once I was backstage I wanted to run off and cry, but the girls all were heading out for the final circuit. I quickly pushed my hair back on my head and tried in vain to straighten the wrinkles of my dress before I walked out and back around. Needless to say, I didn’t make the cut for the five finalists.
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 16.

Note: For the Question

Zinnia (played by TheLorekeeper)

"My... sexual orientation? That's not something I've ever thought about, really." Being in a relationship with anyone had never interested Zinnia, both because she was still quite young, and because she had more pressing issues to think about all of the time. So, although their answer wasn't all that interesting, there it was: Zinnia didn't know, and didn't care right now.
((OOC there is a more definite answer to this question: Zinnia is asexual and sapphic/homoromantic.))
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 7.
"Alright, let's give this a try..." The masked woman briefly held the dice in hand like an experienced player, and then tossed it, watching with interest as it landed.

It rolled a 17, and she browsed the questions list. "Seventeen, hmm... What's your favorite pick up line/s you have ever heard or said? If you don't have a favorite pick up line, then what is a random pick up line you know/have heard?"

She thought about it, tapping her mask's muzzle pensively. It was a peculiar question, that requested some thought over. "Hmm. Well, normally I tend to avoid queues and crowds, except when having to hide or, you know, give the slip to enemies and such. So this one time, I was still a total rookie in my pirate days, I came to words with some people, and I had to tail it before they realized I had taken away some of their things - legit compensation for all the arguments if you ask me, but some people can't be reasonable! So I needed to get away, and I needed to get away quickly, and there was this parking lot outside with a lot of pick-ups lined up - so I figured, first who leaves will perhaps hitch me a hike? But the minutes passed and no one was coming to retrieve their pick-up - and I didn't exactly have the whole day, you know?"

"So I started walking up 'n down the line - no I wasn't trying to hide from the people I had an argument with. You can't prove I was hiding! - 'til I noticed that one of the trucks was open, as if the owner had loaded or unloaded somethin' and not yet come back to close it - so I took the chance and sneaked in. I wanted to ask for a hitch, but I just happened to fall asleep while waiting for owner to return..." Her eyes smiled warmly behind the mask. "And little did I know - it was because of my sneakin' on that pick up that I met my bestie Badzooka, one of the most important people in my life! Maybe we wouldn't have brefriended each other without that line of trucks at the right place in the right moment, heh..."

A moment's silence as she realized her tale was getting more and more surprised glances. "... Wait we are speaking about trucks, yes? Pick-ups?"
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 17.
Patches (played by GingerHades)

"Patches can't take clothes off," The ragdoll mused, looking at their big jacket, which was a part of their body. "But Patches can change clothes in Dreamworld!"

Indeed, in a realm which was at Patches' fingertips (despite their lack thereof), Patches could control what they wore. And there was a 'style' of clothing they liked in particular.

"Patches loooves comfy clothes," They said, tugging their string to continuously talk. "Patches likes to wear pajamas," ..... "With sleeping caps, toooo!" ..... "Anything coooozy!"
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 19.
Ristel (played anonymously)

Side 8: What's your favorite color/s?

"Light blue, like the sky. I always find that color calming."
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 8.
Ikar (played by Rowboat)

What's your favorite "style" in clothes, looks, movies, and/or etc?

"I don't have much of a style, yet." Icarus cleared his throat, sharp eyes flicking to the side in thought. He was really trying to come up with something, but nothing jumped out to him. "If I do have one? I haven't noticed. I tend to rely on the practical. Though, I do like how I look right now." A brief, forced, smile flashed before he went quiet. Not exactly wanting to go into depth.
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 19.
Dewdrop (played by LoupGarou)

What's your most embarrassing moment/s you've ever had? Don't have any embarrassing moment/s? What would you consider and "awkward" situation?

Dewdrop folds his arms and thumps his tail irritatedly. "I don't like crying in front of other people. One time I got roped into some stupid movie night in the abbey to watch The Notebook. I hate romance movies. I don't know why they made me watch it with them. I cried for some reason at the end in front of everyone. Whatever, it's just some stupid human movie."
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 16.
"What's your favorite pick up line/s you have ever heard or said? If you don't have a favorite pick up line, then what is a random pick up line you know/have heard?"

The city essence glows in excitement, amused by such a delightful question, but their alien nature clearly struggles to understand what it actually means.

"Pick-up line? Oh, you mean what we say after we pick one for us to comfort, right?" the divine voices chirp, a sweet melody gently caressing your ears with its warmth. "Don't be afraid, yes, we say that a lot: they are always confused, they need time and care and patience to see we are with them to help, not to harm, yes"

Softly in the distance, an old man with a strange appearance chuckled, clearly enjoying the show of ingenuity such the mind of his city is capable of.
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 17.
rolled 1d6 and got a natural 5.
Skipper (played by DdragonTheLoud)

"Biggest fear? Pfft, I don't fear anything. Smugglers can't stand to be afraid!"

(Her biggest fear is never being able to find her childhood home.)
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 3.

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