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Hi there!

Name's M/Mi-Mi, Dark, or Morgan. Any one of those names is fine with me. I'm /very/ new here, and will slowly have things set up here. I'm more concentrated on FB(by the name of MyLûst'Førßlood And-YøurLûst For'Me Wøn't-Mix. But found this site via a good here I am!

I'd really like to make some friends here, perhaps share some of my characters & writing outside of FB and Discord, aand simply expand on my writing as a whole! Gimme some time and I'll eventually be open to write with

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Welcome to Rp Repository!
Welcome aboard!! I'm sure you will find lots of great prompts and players here! :)
hello and WELCOME TO RPR!!!!<3<3<3<3
Welcome to the family!
Hi. Welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy your time here.
Hello, we bid you welcome to our midst, this is one the best sites for role playing whose members are exceedingly kind and caring, I am certain that will make great friends and have awesome roleplays here.
Welcome to the fam! I hope you enjoy your stay and I'm always here if you want to be friends nwn
Hello and welcome to RPR. Hope you have a great time here.
Welcome to the RPR Family! :)
Welcome to our community!!!
Hi there! Welcome to our wonderful community, and I hope you get to meet and make loads of friends! It's wonderful that you have come to RPR!
Welcome to this wonderful site!
Greetings and well met!
Hey there, welcome to RPR! I also got a roleplay FB! It' just Pen W. Sterling though a ha

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