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redenchantedsilkcloak-image.pngHi! I have extra silk robes I will never use so thought as part of the Summer Soiree Celebration, I would give one away. This will be a little different from the other raffle I had a few months ago.

The rules for this one is simple. The first twenty public characters from twenty different users to post in-character a brief line on why they like summer will fill the list. Once twenty character names are listed, I will then roll a 1D20 to pick the winner. Each user account picks one of their characters to post. One character per user, and no anonymous characters.
  1. WXYZ of New York
  2. Jonathan Andrews
  3. Aspen
  4. Elmer Stroud
  5. Ivory
  6. Clementine
  7. Melusina
  8. Bobby Samson
  9. Nuz-di-Gahl
  10. James Moriarty
  11. Helianthus
  12. Victi Aurora Silverfur
  13. Piq
  14. Katsumi
  15. Amber
  16. Fero Beck Cameron
  17. Charlie Slimecicle
  18. *
  19. *
  20. *

Happy Summer! :)

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"Personally, I love summer for all it has to offer," Felix smiled. "I'm off of work, the weather is just perfect, and who doesn't love the sun ? Plus, it gives me time to travel around and see things I would never see in Manhattan. Summer is a time to grow and discover."
"When I think of the summer, I think of my childhood when I lived in Indiana. I grew up on my grandpa and grandmas farm. They had a bunch of land and grew corn..." he said smiling as he thought about it. "In the late summer, I would crawl up on top of the barn and sit on the edge of the roof and look out over the corn. The sky was so blue and the sun would stream down through the clouds like rays of light from heaven. The breeze would roll over your skin and the warmth of the sun, and you could see the stalks of corn waver in the looked just like the ripples of the water on the on the skin of the ocean...waves of soft wind blowing over the tops of the field." He smiled as he thought about it losing his mind in the memory. "As the sun would come down over the horizon the golden light would shine through the particles of dust and pollen lifting up off the would look like a golden was really beautiful."

As he continued to sit there a moment he would think. "And then the sun would slowly disappear...and the night sky would come out. First it would go dark blue, finally fading to black and the full moon would slowly push over the horizon casting a soft light on the world, as the stars started to come out one by one...I would lay down on the roof for hours and look at the hundreds of stars...turn into thousands, and millions...and billions...if you laid there long could almost see a star in every single inch of darkness." He said smiling as he took a deep breath letting it out. "I realized in that moment that there was no such thing as darkness...if you look hard enough you will find a star." He smiled reliving the memory. "That is what I think of when I think of summer..."
Aspen (played by TheLorekeeper)

"Summer is great! It's nice 'n' warm— perfect slushie weather! Not that it needs to be summer for a slushie, but um— yeah! Also, there's a lot of, just, stuff going on. Events and things. No school means more time to have fun! I especially like how I can hang out in nature all day without anyone telling me it'll get too dark or cold or whatever— 'cause there's a lot of daylight. So I can just hang out in the forest or beach or whatever and no-one tells me I have to go home. I can even get away with wearing no shoes a lot of the time. So um, yeah, summer is lots of fun! Nice weather, lots of freedom, and new things to explore! Oh oh, and did I mention swimming? Swimming is fun too!"
((Thanks for doing this raffle, Dawnia, and good luck to everyone!))
Elmer Stroud (played by Juls)

"Summer's my gold-pannin' season. Sure ain't the worst thing to be coolin' my toes in a creek on some hot days. Besides, this is the year I'll find the motherload. I can feel it."
Ivory (played by Rayne_Storm)

"I love summer, I love being able to go out and enjoy the sun!" Ivory smiled brightly. "Perfect for little picnics, swimming, and especially nice cool drinks like lemonade! As well as no more school which is always really nice plus just getting to hangout with my roommate and brother's more.."
((Thank you so much for hosting this, Dawnia! I hope everyone is having a great summer and I wish you all good luck!!))
clementine (played by lucylovexoxo)

“ why I like summer? Well it’s a great time for the plants! That’s when I sell the most of my veggies, and the summer veggies are really easy to grow, then being mostly mythical plants and all. The crows also love the summer, as they frolic through the flowers and sometimes even bring some flowers home for me! All in all, summer is a great time for all aspects of my life!”
Melusina (played by CelestinaGrey)

"Summer is my favorite time of year! The beach, the sun, the sand, the water! I absolutely love it. Water gun fights, water balloon fights... These are memories that will last forever for me. A nice picnic on the beach, sitting in the sand with my toes in the water... It's just magical! And besides.. I look pretty cute in a swimsuit!"
Bobby Samson (played by Dndmama)

"Man, I love summer! Surfing and swim suits! So many sexy bodies on the beach and fun things to do! Surfing, volley ball, fireworks displays. Seriously, there is just nothing like summer. Now don't get me wrong, I love a good snow sport as much as the next guy but man! The water in my fur and the sun in my face. It just makes me feel alive."
"Gahl not like the summer rain, and not know why people like swimming, but longer days mean more light for Gahl to hunt in! Also, people happier in summer. And they like when Gahl shows their fire magic off. Gahl like showing off."
James Moriarty (played by Atheist)

"The weather growing up in Ireland was mild during the summers, to say the least," James Moriarty began, his tone vaguely sentimental. "There were the festivals we never got to go to because Da' was far too busy with his work. My eldest brother had a tendency to disappear for months at a time and my younger brother -- well, let's just say he wasn't all there either."

Jim's smile was weighed down by the ennui behind his dark eyes. "Ma' was too busy pleasing Da' to worry about what was happening with the rest of the brood, but I always managed to get by. The festivals were raging. There was one, in particular, I'll likely never forget."

"Because I am so ******' clever," Moriarty flourished with a wide grin, "I was able to slip out unnoticed, picked up my tiger along the way, and absconded to some local festival -- I mean, the name of it is hardly important. I'm honestly surprised I can recall anything considering how hammered I was, but I suppose why it stuck with me for so long was because I had finally found my niche when someone needed a bit of advice -- the kind of advice only I, in all my wisdom, could provide. I mean I could elaborate, but that would be telling."

"And that, darlings, is why summer has such a significance to me. Oh, and," Jim stated as an afterthought, "I'm a professor. I need the summer downtime from all those dunderheads."
Dawnia Topic Starter

Wow! Half way there already! :)

It would—and always would be, by their standards—their favored season. Helianthus couldn’t remember a dull moment when the sun shone and the flowers bloomed, nor would they ever wish to think of summer in that way. It simply meant too much to them. Gods, they didn’t know what they’d do without it.

Or what they’d do without the opportunity to share their love for it.

“Oh, dear,” The Goddex began. Despite it being so early in the morning, their voice sounded of strawberries dipped in honey. Something sweet. Something delightful. “What isn’t there to cherish? The newly radiant sun steps forth from spring, wrapping us all in her warm embrace. The summer flowers, those brilliant blooms, radiate their own warmth to the star above. They bloom as if truly dreams of Earth conjured into our bold reality.”
"Oh, easy! Hunting!" Victi answers, tails flopping around excitedly, "I follow a hunting philosophy that discourages hunting parents actively supporting babies, so that means spring is... rough. Like, buying synthesized food rough. Don't get me wrong, it's delicious, but I need that mana load that only comes from something alive, yunno? Anyway, autumn is, of course, excellent hunting, everything is grown and independent for winter and gorging on leaves. In winter things are still out since most of the plants in the Greatwood keep making at least some fruit and seeds with their mana reserves, even if they shed their leaves, so it's okay too, but yeah, spring is a rough patch for a responsible hunter. But in summer? When food for the prey is plentiful and the mothers don't need their mate to help anymore? Oh it feels good to have tasty critters to pounce on again!"

"Beyond that, though, there's also swimming and thunderstorms!" she continues, "Swimming is fun and is a relief from the heat, and thunderstorms rock! Getting hit by lightning and turning that into mana feels amazing for me! Oh, and all the smells of flowers and herbs and new growth, and the sounds of everything declaring territory and foraging around make things interesting and enjoyable, too. Winter will always be my favorite season, but with heat protection spells summer is definitely a lot of fun!"
Dawnia Topic Starter

Just need eight more. I'm leaving this open for as long as it takes, or September 22nd, whichever comes first.
Piq (played by Min-ya)

"Oh, I love summer! The bright sun, the warmth and all the various flowers, plants and mushrooms that start popping up in the forest which are great for potions! Or, well, I'm told that they are..."

Piq tapped his fingertips together as his eyes darted off to the side and a mildly embarrassed look took over his face. He recalled last season's potion-making fiasco.

Quickly, he changed the subject.

"But you know - that's not the best part about summer! The best part is swimming, I really love that. After spending a long day trekking through the forest it's the most wonderful thing to find a lake and jump right in! Few things are as refreshing as that."
Katsumi (played by AncientCatKing)

"Well, naturally, summer is the best time of year to go on walks at the state park. There are so many families out on vacation! The kids always leave behind the best snacks. I got a whole box of those cosmic brownies out of someone's backpack the other day.

...I mean, they were going to melt, anyway. Granola bars or rice krispies really would have been a better choice. And you shouldn't leave your things just lying around like that.

Swimming is fun too, I guess."
Dawnia Topic Starter

Six more spaces to fill! Anyone? :)
Amber (played by Dib2435)

" Summer is actually my favorite season. " Amber said with a soft smirk on her face " It's usually when my family reunion happened and let me tell you I have a very big family. Yeah most Disney employees get ready in advance when my family reunion is around the corner. "
"I like summer." The winged-human wolf said, head tilted. "The flowers that grow, and the animals that walk around make it exciting." Fero smiled gently. "I like laying in the summer sun with my armor off and watch the bees fly around the flowers. It makes a bit. Like it's a war free world when I listen to the bees."

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