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Quite a simple one this time, and in the spirit of FOBETEO. This can be IC, OOC, or both! For my part, I'm likely gonna do both, because everyone knows by now I can't keep away from joining in on my own forum games 🤣

Hopefully this will raise people's spirits a bit, and give some positive attention to everyone's characters! 😊 To start off, my charas are all free reign :)
Stargazer Lily (played by Aya)

Charlotte, you are lovely and creative ☺️
Jack Archer (played by -Knight-)

"You have perfect olive skin with hair as soft as an ocean's breeze. You're eyes are like staring into a galaxy of purple stars. You're laugh, the sweetest of music, like honey dripping off of a honeycomb."
I will always take the chance give Knight a kudos! What an amazing guy! So friendly and sweet, Knight is definitely the type of guy you want as your friend. Hes funny and caring, I am grateful to have you as a friend. I have seen your writing style and I adore all of your character creations! Keep up the great work buddy!

P.S. Isnt Jack a hottie! 👀
Vlatka (played by Samiakki)

"Ayuna. . . is it?"

Vlatka twisted an outstretched palm, like she was trying to reach for something outside of her grasp. However, she made no motion to try and touch Ayuna. Vlatka's hand was kept close to her own body.

"You don't take crap from anybody, do you? I respect that. There aren't many nice things out there for people like us, especially from myself, so listen well. You've got the ability to take what you want and it's important you keep that. I'm happy to see someone who thinks that way for once, for better or worse. What's more. . . you have a pretty badass tattoo. Where'd you get it done? Or is it like a seal of some sort? Not that I care, anyway. Just keep up the good work."
Drago (played by Dragothemonk)

I love the glasses! sorry got no better compliment!
Joia (played by Dndmama)

The positive energy dragon's pale pink eyes glitter with joy and admiration as she gazes upon Drago's hide. "Oh!" she gasps out, a slight quiver of excitement in her voice. "Your scales! They shimmer like emeralds! So pretty! Oh please say we'll be friends! Best friends!"

(( On an ooc note, it is always cool to see a traditionally evil creature played in a good way. Big thumbs up! ))
Zubairad (played by hexblading)

Ruby pupils, aglow with magic and fire, eyed the energy dragon with an inquisitive interest. "Surely when you thought you've seen it all, the world surprises you now and again." He mused to himself, pouring them both some chai.

"Have a seat. I would know more of your abilities, and how you manipulate the very energy around us. You are the healer of the village, yes? Is your ability to heal based on said positive energy, then? Do you know how to explain its sciences? Its secrets, how positive energy is made manifest must be stunning to behold. You must tell me more." He said, exchanging a cut crystal in exchange. "For a fee, of course."
Peanut the Postknight (played by Taro_Nuke1)

Cue Peanut just looking over to Zubairad before taking a seat. "Well then, For a guy like you, i'd say the red eyes are pretty interesting. Also, the fact your a apex predator is pretty interesting! I haven't seen anyone be a apex predator but guess i am, for the first time. I mean, let's be real. Crystal dragons are pretty awesome, well. Not knowing if you are one but still, you're amazing. Anyway, i'll be on my way. Gotta save Pompon from those bandits. Cya!"
Bho Namoaa (played by Samiakki)

"My goodness. How do you get your hairrr so. . . shiny? It looks fantastic."

The cat-like creature circled around Peanut as if on the prowl, his tail perked up in interest. He meant no harm - not at all! What he was on the hunt for was information.

"Another courier? Currrious. I bet you're very productive, arrren't you? You must be very accomplished to wield a sword like that. Can you do spells with it? What spells do you know?" A wicked grin creeped up on his features. "Would you like to buy some spells, perrrhaps? We carry a fine selection at Solemu-Koremu's Spiritual Sundries. Black magic, white magic, geomancy. . . quite a rrrare selection, indeed. Suitable for someone of your extraordinary talents."
Mad Rat (played anonymously)

The Small Zombie-Rat like creature walked towards Bho Namoaa then looked up. "Well, i know for good and well i ain't that bloody good with compliments but i'll try here. So, based off your appearance, i'd say i seen a plenty of cats that are pretty hostile, but you? You seem like my type of chill. Well, for one. Not attacking people from instinct? And besides, you don't look like that scientist which is kinda good. So, based on your chill mood, i assume your a brew-master if i'm guessing. I'd like to see some spells if i'm around here much. But hey, your a good person that i've met." The rat said, holding a thumbs up to Bho Namoaa.
Kalev seems quite delighted by the little rodent, if somewhat perplexed.

"You're... a little rat... and you talk? That's compliment-worthy enough for me... Rats are so cute," he said with a smile, evidently trying to resist petting the little creature. Still, he looked over the critter with his brows furrowed slightly in concern. "You do look like you've gone through a lot, though. You must be a really strong little guy. I hope it doesn't hurt to walk around like that. And, um, based off of your story, it seems like you've got a lot of determination... Even if I don't know if I support killing scientists, but that seems like a very lab rat-y thing to do, so..."

( v aww, thank you so much! this was a very touching reply and made me emotional tbh :') )
Joseph 'Sab' Nash (played by _Skylark_) Topic Starter

CW: very light references to depression, self harm

Sab's face is impassive, but only for a second. It's a momentary flash of sobriety - in every sense of the word - and only relaxes into his trademark, easy grin once his eyes alight on the person in the gas mask. There's an edge to it, though - the lines around Sab's eyes are deep, his brows drawn together. The local boozehound as he is, Sab may not be amazing with this sort of thing - but, he knows well enough the telltale eau de despair that tends to linger when one has that beast in their head.

"Hey, mate," he says it haltingly, clearly uncertain about how to begin. How many words does it take to essentially say, same? Easier to say nowt at all. But, no. He is - he tries to be - better than that.

And now, he's dithered to the point it seems polite to restart.

"Look," changing tack - and still with little confidence. Sab looks away, scratching at the back of his neck. He sighs through gritted teeth as his fingertips graze, for a moment, his own reminders of how bad things can get. When he speaks, it's slowly, as though picking his way through a minefield.

"I ain't an army lad. Ain't got the discipline. Folk like you, though? Gotta respect that. I ain't boutta make assumptions, not on what ya been through or what ya seen, but..." another short sigh, as though tugged from him. The fidgeting is steadily getting more pronounced.
"It... takes guts. Yanno? To get up, keep goin'. Even if everything's shite. To, uh, still be 'ere. I mean- can't say I know owt about ya, or really know ya from Adam at all, but... hey. We're all human, here. Gotta make do with whatcha got in life. I, uh, I can admire that, I guess. Tenacity, I mean. If you ever fancy a drink, absolutely hit me up."

((OOC I absolutely adore Kalev just as like... a character, the whole concept of him... 100/10!))
(Time to revive this forum lol-)

"Well well well. What do we have here? A fellow beer enjoyer like my friend, Matt? Well, i don't know what to start with this, but i gotta keep this short and simple since, i don't got a lot of compliments on my mind, but you seem pretty cool nonetheless! I'd wonder what type of things you do in the meantime! Hmm."
"Well that's a cute little helm you got there!" egg.png
Meph Norwish (played by Eros_Calls)

"It is always comforting to find a brother in arms." Meph's stormy, violet hued eyes look at the fellow warrior. "Bravery and chivalry follow in your wake. Stay strong and true."

"Wherever you know of harm, regard that harm as your own, and give your foes no peace."
Paul Smith (played by Juls)


I really like the multiple life concept that you've got for Meph! What a great way to tell stories about this character over a variety of settings and eras!
This is going to be out of character btw.

Paul Smith…of all the rootin', tootin,' shootin' cowboys, this guy is the rootinest, tootinest of all! 🤠

Just kidding I took the opportunity.

This profile was incredibly well written and to be honest I read over it twice because I honestly enjoyed it. 😂
Eric Molder (played by SillySpider)

I really like the page design, its simple and easy to read.
I can appreciate that on here. She's also just a really pretty character too.

Intriguing concept. I have never heard of a human being blessed by a mermaid. Great twist on normally macabre lore.

The character is well put together, easy to follow, and clear with their expectations and desires.

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