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Forums » RP Discussion » What is your OC’s biggest red flag?

I like learning about characters, and flaws are, in my opinion, the biggest part in making them interesting. I’ll start with some of my OC’s red flags.

Diran: His biggest red flag is that he has rotten luck when it comes with women. Not attracting the wrong kind, but trouble just seems to find him and find a way to get between him and anyone he’s interested in. You’re basically gambling if you try your hand at his game.

Rosalina: Trouble follows her as well, but she tends to deal with it the moment it pops up. Because of this, she’s rather quick in wanting to solve problems, not stopping to think about the best solution. This expands into other tasks, her knowing well that she needs to, but her impatience gets the best of her.

Lucifer: Lack of table manners. He’ll apologize, but he’ll never change. He loves himself just the way he is.
Mm, well I only have one Public OC on my profile right now. But...

Keith: His biggest red flag has to be that he holds grudges... and since he's not the most sane person anymore, that can lead to not so good things happening. He just lost his boyfriend of 2 and 1/2 years due to his accident, but recently found out his ex is already seeing other people.... That's probably not going to end well....

I would do my others, but I don't particularly want to out myself as their writer lol
My most contentious dramamonger character is supposed to have a bad temper and a violent disposition, but i am so bad at writing those in so the red flags are just ... swears some and kicks objects (bruising his own toe).

some side characters have more obvious flags like outright kidney theft or violent instigation but those are more like what happens after the flags should be noticed?

one villain was corporate stooge so their red flag was easily just their job title lol i am biased in my writing against capitalists
Imir: Can and will dedicate himself to others to an extent where it actually hurts their relationship because he loses sense of himself. He goes 100% all in once he is emotionally invested and will cling to you like a koala. If he isn't useful be believes that he can't be loved.

Lance: Speaks really eloquently and is a charmer but lies and decieves like it's second nature. The fact he barely has any friends or close relatives should tell you he isn't someone to be trusted. He will use charm to gain your trust and cut you off from your loved ones in a slow and steady process of isolating you.

Lazarus: Extremely reckless, thinks he is invincible and will put himself in dangerous situations fully expecting that he'll be fine. Easy and quick to trust.

Reymond: Horrible anger issues. 0 to 100 with the snap of a finger. Is really petty and childish. Does not tolerate sass but can dish it.
I'll do some of my characters since this sounds fun.

Glaceia: Mentally and physically five year old ghost who is sweet as can be...but has easily lethal cryokinetic powers linked to her emotional state and has a massive phobia of fire for an easy trigger.

Kariah Retsyuah: Literally a Goddess. Nuff said. Hasn't seem rp in a while since I tend to be very picky about what I throw a literal god into.

Kelmera: A hybrid that it a literal man-eater due to dietary requirements. She's not happy about this, but biology is biology.

Rashinnu: More like what about her isn't a red flag? Massively traumatized genocidal vampire phoenix with immortality and plenty of once again literal firepower.

Ravona: Has stunted emotions to her species. She can still feel them, but it takes significantly more stimulus.

Sorea: As long as you can get past her being a 50 foot long immortal dragon, she's pretty flagless otherwise. Has worries about outliving everyone she will ever care about and being used for being a dragon though.

Valeana: Mutant vampire with massive men issues due to being failed utterly by the two men who were supposed to gave a damn about her. Angry and bitter with no pity for her human victims.

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