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I knew you were gonna take Raz again! Thats it! Im breaking into your vault ! Creatia my dear your coming back home X3

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Thane Cross please! <3
I'll be taking Frank Efferson! What a cool cowboy!
Don't mind me... just bird-napping your character here... >:)

*grabs Xihuitl and runs off*
Imma gonna steal bailey. Huehuehueee behahahahah -runs out the door before the sounds of falling down stairs comically echos-
I could see Raz Admud becoming a powerful magickal ally to the Skylax or smth, bit of tweaking from fantasy-modern to a more sci-fi'y vibe and he's fit right in! Lemme just.. snatch the comrade over here-
I'll take Amatariseu
Azazel is mine now! Mwahahahah.
Kagami Hansha is my new frien
I want The Lamb. I want him to help me play his game, it seems really fun.
I'm taking Claire!
Eden is coming with me :D
I’ll be taking Freida, thank you very much. Undead Psychic sounds like an interesting combo
Aight, Willow's mine. Thank you. :P
Snatches Nolegs

Moihohoho, thank you very much.
Fcensored me. I'm stealin Claire Danvers for revenge though.
Commits Natalie napping.
Claire Danvers is my new frien
In the cover of night, he successfully completes a snatch-and-grab mission of the high-value target known as Azazel and is extracted via helicopter
hands gripped behind his back as he considers the options displayed before him
Gorogoth Rilynath

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