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Similar to the "steal a character" game, but instead this one involves you actually telling why you like their character!
Besides, our children always need love and encouragement from others!
Talk about their design, personality, background, whatever you wish!
Only positive comments and useful critique here. Please aim to write at least a paragraph!
Also, sorry to restrict, but please only post here if you have more than 3 characters!


*Person one posts about the previous character and why they liked them.*
Person 2: My favourite character of person 1's is Moonstone! I love their colour scheme and their overall appearance, but I also like them because I'm a giant fan of Steven Universe!

*etc. etc.*

There's no one above me so... *twiddles thumbs and awaits.*
Cadence seems like an interesting character.
I like Marth Severus. Why? Well, I've always wanted to play Fire Emblem, and I won't lie and say I haven't mained Marth once in Smash when I was younger. That, and I love his overall design.

I really like Creatia! She seems like a really interesting character and I like the little schpeel about how her being a hermaphrodite doesn't define her full character. I am a pretty firm believer in the thought that one trait doesn't fully define who a person is, so that was a bit refreshing to me.
This is a nice idea!

I like the concept of Phoenixheart having two souls in one body. It must be a fun dynamic to write about. Also, I can appreciate her decision to burn down the laboratory that experimented on her, lmao. The colour combination of her clothes is cool, too.

(Apologies to the person who posts after me; I don't really have any character art.)
I'll say Jeptha because his concept is interesting, his dialogues are really entretaining to read, and because he needs no practise for being homosexual lol

And Orial seems pretty cool so him too :'D
Auro, For the Win!

Thugged out merfolk? Yes please! Nothing screams BAMF more than an iced out betta-folk! Concept and design = Pure Awesomeness XD

Seems very intrestin' and I like the concept.
Libertine Moderator


It was the name that caught my eye, "Asroc - The Pygmalion Furnace" is very bold and intimidating. You click the character and discover that despite its action-packed design, he loves to bake, which I find endearing. It's important to involve casual hobbies in character designs to give them life, and Asroc's player picked one that was the perfect contrast to the initial impression. It tells you there's a lot more to the character than there appears.
Dralt. Always. He's been my favorite from Etla to interact with so far, even if I don't do enough of it.
Crowling. She's a lovely mixture of stern and polite with a business savvy nature. It's been cool when I've RP'd with her, and need to do more.

(Characters added- admittedly forgot I was on anon).

All your characters are anonymous! You need to have a few so I can pick my favourite!

Oh my goodness I seriously love Kestrel! What an amazing character! She must be so fun to play! Her personality is just so layered. The more I scrolled down the more in awe I was!
Libertine Moderator

(Crow, that is high praise, we are SO overdue but I'm looking forward to writing with you again)

Audrey Moreau. Not only is the design gorgeous, but the RPR layout is downright clever. Spoiler alert, Audrey is [REDACTED] so you have highlight the contents of her page in order to see the [REDACTED]! Way to set up a mysterious atmosphere.

(Pardon me going twice, I love to browse RPRs)

Dralt! I love stalking all the new art pieces and reading through his journals. Such a rich and interesting vampire, and while I haven't had the chance to interact, I love watching from afar, and seeing what he gets up too. The writing for him is delightful and superb, very enjoyable and richly detailed.
Hara. Why? Dear lords, his design is amazing, and since roleplaying with him, I've found his character to be very deep and sensual, yet also relatable to me with his uncertainty, and I love relatable characters so much. And like Gab mentioned with my Creatia, I love the note about how you don't do people fetishizing him for his sex, and that's also important to me because I'm not fond of that either.

I really need to get a reply out to you, now that I think about it... OTL
Maxwell! I like how classic and nostalgic he feels.
[Gross sobbing] Daxx [gross wailing]
Jack God Damn Gold
I love you baby boy <3 You put my feelings through hell and high water and even though you cry at everything, I can't wait to see your adventures with Chase unfold.

[Edit: Next person, just click the little icons in my profile to find links to my chars :3]

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