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> Obtained Protorebellion (Mythic/1hSword)!
A sword that only appears for those who outsmarted a certain mastermind.

“Heh...well played. I might use this.”
A fallen (played by Thelordofmemes)

You got x1 horns
A fallen (played by Thelordofmemes)

what am I supposed to do with this?
You have acquired (1) gun!

You have made a horrid decision.
Silver Goat Skull Mask
It seems to belong to a cultist....

“I do not need this.”
“Unknown metals, unknown fuel, unknown weapons. Guess I’ll have to send these to the Omicrons for analysis, I still don’t know what I just fought!”
Tyro Desit (played by TyroDragon45)

Some spellbooks...huh
Artix Violentaxe (played anonymously)

Tyrakian suit of armor.
120mm sniper rifle
Mk12 Torox blade
Torox scythe
High caliber custom revolver
Negation Shield generator

“I’m keeping this armor. The rest should fetch a high price in the Underdark.”
1x Duergar Battle Axe
1x Torn Purple Cape
1x Gold-buckled Weapon Belt
2x Fuzzy Pauldron Thingies

"Well well, A know for shure A'm keepin' this," Artie grinned, her grasp on the fantastically fabulous cloak growing into its 'never-let-go' phase. Sure, it could use a stitching, but its color was way beyond what the faded dyes she was used to could accomplish! "Wou'd saey at's about me size too, give ar take. Talkin' about convenience." Her Byzantium treasure draped over her shoulder, Artie continued to dig around in rest of the rubble, easily spotting the battle axe cowering away beneath two strange, furry shoulder plates. "Huh, whot's this then?" Where she came from, people'd outgrown the need for clunky slashers like these. "Doubt this caen be good fer anythin'. Would sever ye tech if ye even try to loosen a screw on it.." Pfft, useless!
Lily (played by Jejune)

You’ve picked up: 3 gemstone samples, labeled according to the gem and planet found

“Ooh, cool, you’ve been to space! Mind if I keep these? You don’t find these very often when you wander a boring house all day.” She said softly, mesmerized by the gems.
Light (played anonymously)

Obtained: Ectoplasmic essence of a once living being.

"Intriguing, to release you to the after life or grant you a new body? I will have to ponder on this..."
Echo (played by DragonBorn123)

Picked up: 1 Set of Goggles, 1 Cool Pickax, 1 Gas Mask

"Ooooh! A cool looking pickax, a golden looking set of goggles, and....a gas mask? Oh well. Got some cool loot! Gonna have to put these all in a chest when I get back home."
Picked up: 1 necklace, 1 probable crown, and some antlers.

"I don't know what is this... maybe I should just make this looked undisturbed.. Hold up... why are there antlers?" You hid them and ran away.

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