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Thank you again to everyone for entering this raffle! There are so many amazing characters here on RPR, I love it so much and I really enjoy getting to see other players and characters I wouldn't have otherwise. :D Also, thanks to everyone for showing your appreciation for these raffles. I really enjoy giving things away and gifting people with stuff, so it makes me really happy. :)

If you haven't won this time, don't worry because....You've guessed it!!! More raffles and more stuff will be given away since I'm still packing a lot of bake sale goodies. ;) Also, the match game for bacon is hilariously still going. So you can participate in that one if you want!

And now, onto the winners....
The ice cream sundae goes to ..... #4 - Claine !!!!!!
The OC shaded bust artwork by Kruhee goes to .... #19 - Volka !!!!!

LoE3apo.jpg nmyhFoL.jpg

I wasn’t kidding when I said I went a little nuts with the PRP bake sale, plus I want to celebrate my one month anniversary of joining this incredible site. Since my other raffle is closing soon, let’s get the ball rolling on a second one!

This time, one lucky person will have the chance to win an ✨ICE CREAM SUNDAE✨ which will give whoever uses the item a year of epicness!


But, wait, there’s more!!!!

I’ve commissioned the super amazingly talented Kruhee to do a shaded bust artwork of an original character for a runner up!! If you want to see an example of Kruhee’s artwork, check out their raffle here, which is still going on so you can enter that one too!!


How to Enter: With your player account, leave a comment on this thread with a link to at least one character that belongs to another player that you absolutely love and tell me why you love that character! It doesn’t matter if you’ve RPed with them or not aaaaaand you can love them for superficial reasons, such as the layout of their character’s website. Just to reiterate, a link must be included!! That is it!!

Deadline: This raffle entry closes at 5am Pacific Time (PDT) on Saturday, August 17th, 2019. All comments/entries must be submitted prior to this!


About The Prizes: One (1) grand prize winner will receive one (1) ice cream sundae, which gives an account a year of epicness. One (1) runner up will receive one (1) shaded bust artwork for an OC drawn by Kruhee.

How Will the Winner(s) Be Chosen?: All qualified entries will be given a number in the order they are received. I will use an online random number generator to select two numbers - the first will be the grand prize winner, the second will be the runner up.

Details, Details: Limit one (1) entry per player account. If you want to link multiple characters belonging to others, feel free, but you will only be counted for one (1) entry. Comments left by anonymous characters will not count as an entry. An entry linking to your own character does not qualify as an official entry. A comment without a link does not qualify as an official entry. The grand prize winner will be given their ice cream sundae soon after the winners are announced. The runner up will receive a message on RPR from myself that includes Kruhee, where a discussion will happen regarding the artwork won. Please remember that this will be original artwork of a character, so time is needed before the completed, final runner up prize is given.

Tiny Print Legalese: This raffle is not sponsored by RPR and is meant to be something fun that allows people to see other characters and to spread love, praise, and happiness. Please don't ruin this by considering legit legal actions against me, aight? Cool.

Goooood luck, duckies!


Sanne Moderator

This is AMAZING, holy cow!! I'm stoked to share this!

Novalyyn's Raven and Shade are the characters that come to mind when I think about favorites! Our RP never really went very far because we both got busy, but I immensely enjoyed the way Novalyyn protrayed her mutism. This is one of the few child characters I've played with that felt genuine and true to their age, and I adore the special bond she has with Shade. :)
Oooh! This is amazing!

Im a huge fan of this character:

Jeronimo Mastroiani by RazzleDazle. Jero is a very fleshed out character with believable reasons for the way he acts. I have an rp going with this character and gosh its one of my absolute favorites because of how this character is written.

So great.
It's hard to pick! :)

Time traveller John Cross, played by Mipps, is a hoot and a half. Don't let him near your wife! (Or your sister! Or your daughter!)

Tron Pentre, played by Tusitala, is a character that I really love to hate. He makes a great bad guy.

The Hanged Man (anonymous) is a character that I've only had brief interactions with, but, well, I like his style of RP!

Xepil, the hobgoblin, played by MordosKull. Don't tell him he's on my list. Might go to his head that a human thinks highly of him. ;)

Slain's Assallya has been making appearances in my RPs for years. I may have hung her once, but for some reason she keeps coming back. <_<
Awww man. I can't pick just one!

How about Yin written by XinonHyena and Bliksem by Pirate! I've had the pleasure of RPing with these characters for nearly two years.

And Derglet's Rose is also another fave! Hair for dayes

I might edit more in later XD
How dare you make me choose????

But I'm absolutely in love with Janusz as played by Grimdark because um LOVE????

I've only just started an RP with this character, but I'm super excited to get into the thick of the action because the profile, the personality, THE DARK BUSINESS PRACTICES????


Seriously tho, the character concept is phenomenal and phenomenally dark and I absolutely adore them. <3
OMG HOW DO I CHOOSE? I'll just have to choose a character I've known for a while, and the person behind her is so amazingly awesome:


Nightfrost Wuduwesten
I think I would have to say that Pentre here would quite possibly be my favorite character belonging to Tusitala. I've been playing alongside her for like 2 years, and she is just so fantastic.

She plays Pentre so well, that I find myself constantly coming back for more, and craving her rp interactions. And everytime I think I've got her character down pat, she always seems to throw some new twist in that I just love!
Oooh. Tough. So tough. I think I'mma shout out a character I've fallen head over heels for through our rp. He's sweet and sad and adorable and deep and fun and heart breaking all at the same time and I just want to hug him forever!

Meet Kiel Balioll.
There's too many characters to choose from but.. in my ideal medieval fantasy RP story I would like to see...

Ivian known as The Thrice Hanged Man(by Heimdall) for his unique personality traits, background and stoic character, well used to hardships, especially when he is appointed as bodyguard to a disgraced vanquished lord on the run like

Rorik Reyns (by Juls) who is ambitious and has a very dubious morally grey compass and often makes risky decisions/moves.

They take as captives for ransom the king's daughter Skylar (by Guardian_Girl) who is an absolute sweetheart and her bodyguard Alexander (by Sweet_Little_Sock) who is very cautious and wise in his decisions and choices and next moves

While the man in power is none other than. Blaise De Normandie (by DarkElf06) a must have given his mysterious, upper class traits and finesse that commands and breathes authority. I would put Morgause (by Raider-Jack29) as his adviser or sister because she is very clever in bringing in twists and turns and ally him with a dark lord like Netharan (by Arcol) who is powerful enough to bathe in gold those that worship him

During the journey the hunted outlaws and their prisoners fall captive to Iskra Sokol (by strawberry_champion) the woman who is the deadly leader of a fearless ruthless bandits band and who dislikes nobles

And Blaise has to end up hiring Janella (by JustaBitEvil) the most double standards sold-out drow on earth, to track them down and bring them back, at the risk of her switching sides yet again

This would likely make for an epic almost explosive roleplay because for the most part... these people are extremely talented writers, a whole new category of experts altogether. They post very detailed descriptive lengthy replies with all the nitty gritty details that breathe life into any story.

The way they narrate events and thoughts and actions and consequences is so realistic that they draw you into the plot and you really feel as though you were there in the middle of it all, and they definitely keep you on edge waiting for yet more replies to see what happens next.

Their really well made and better played characters and overall lengthy replies, well paced IC wise, draw you into a whole new RP experience altogether.

The downside... I would be hard presseed and it would definitely be a challenge to match their writing standards, like for like basis, but if I could bundle them into an RP I wouldn't think it twice... it would make for an awesome roleplay

Note: Other top players in my list also include Spiteful, the character Sir Alexander Wilde - called The Colt - who is young yet very adventurous, Iltheyn (Tye is a bickering gem with unique speech and taunts) and BeetleBelle (her harpy Atoli is absolutely hilarous) and Sweetyceltic (Alekus Vorense as a warrior with a touch of dark magic) though none of them seem to be active any more and BreezyDawn is a top writer for the detailed replies and natural reactions too though the character I used to roleplay with was deleted a while back so I can't put a link to it

Now you have a list of absolutely incredible go-to writers if you want to enjoy a mind-blowing nerve-wrecking (at times hilarious) RP time! :D
As of late:

Oliver's wonderful sad artist, Damian, very obviously makes the list! He's a new twist on the psychic trope in a eldritch horror-type-nightmare and there's never a dull moment. It's been fun watching his character improve and evolve over time (it's already been over a year?? huh). I want to give him a hug and 800mg of Ibuprofen.

And of course there's Coronel's Gutierrez siblings. She really nailed the sibling dynamic between the three of them (with a little more guts and gore than your typical chaos sibling trifecta, but hey, life is like that sometimes). I could read them banter with each other for hours. But they also stand on their own as unique characters and I admire how versatile they are when it comes to fitting into a setting-- it's been a pleasure!

I've also had fun meeting kroweling's Ynyr. Love a lich. Especially love a lich with an ornate syphilis nose.
This is amazing! You are amazing. <3

Ugh so MANY. I love all of these characters because they are all so very well written in RP and have captured my and my characters hearts. 💕











and...that's only the top of the pile. heh.
So, this is really hard for me to choose, but I really wanted to choose
Cian by DorianM
  • DorianM has been working on this character for quite awhile now, and her effort and intrigue for the lore of Elder Scrolls seems to keep growing. I'm so thankful she's interested in it, because it's such a vast universe and I think it's something she's able to breathe even more life in to with this incredibly unique character.
Sar'Ezai by Murder
  • I have always loved badass assassins, but bad ass assassins with the desire to remember how to love and show a gentle side that no-one else can see are my cryptonite.
Zjinn by Demilicious
  • The most painfully awkward and adorable beast of a man you will ever come across. I love how unique and delightful this character is! He's fleshed out in a way you can really feel them as their own, because while Zjinn is a character that is strong willed, powerful, determined, ambitious, and head strong he is also a socially awkward dork. I love how realistic he is as a character personality!
Tai'Lin by PrinceLacrima
  • Tai'Lin is so sweet and adorable! I love this character concept as a florist in my husband's world. I want to see more of him, and I'm totally in love with how reading over Tai'Lin makes me feel like I'm sitting in one of those whimiscal dreamlike settings with bokeh bubbles and florals. XD

Thank you for hosting this awesome raffle!
I would say one of my favorite characters I've come across on this site would be The Avant-Garde played by Riik.

Each and every character aboard The Avant-Garde has a life and personality all their own, with different and unique histories and cultures that continue to add to the story I've been lucky enough to be involved in with Riik. Speaking of, Riik does a wonderful job portraying each personality of each character in their own unique way, and the experiences my own character has aboard the ship with them are always very interesting to me.

Hey! A character i really like, design of the character itself plus it's website, would have to be Valyin, played by Valiant
I love the fact Valiant is accepting people to be Valyin's master, friend, or even enemy on the character page! The art of Valyin is beautiful, and goes well with the cloudy, bright theme of the page. I myself am not good at making a childhood and adulthoot for my characters, and usually just stick to a vague background. Valiant, however, made a wonderfully long (just the right size, not huge!) childhood and adulthood for Valyin!
Honestly, if I were to win second, I would probably want to ask for tips on how to shade and draw from the artist you mentioned. I also might give someone else the reward of the free drawing. :3
So Imma throw Ettie out there cause I keep meaning to get an rp going with tisonlychaos but IM a lazy binch and prefer making my Oc's rpr templates instead of actually writing with them lol

PLus cowboy aesthetics are my weakness
Guess_Who wrote:
So Imma throw Ettie out there cause I keep meaning to get an rp going with tisonlychaos but IM a lazy binch and prefer making my Oc's rpr templates instead of actually writing with them lol

PLus cowboy aesthetics are my weakness


personally, i'm gonna throw out salamander boy (loys). although our rp fell through, he's such a cool character concept and i love his character page. also his name messes with my brain but it's fun to say. (:
This is Harpur. As of late, his player has provided me and my character, Percy, the most private glimpse into a richly tragic backstory and its by far the most profound and bonding IC experience I’ve ever had. Ever. Hands down. Plus he’s a silver fox and gives me hella hot dad vibes. 10/10 would bang highly recommend.
Choose another person’s character?! Oh geez, this is going to be difficult, because let me tell you, there are so many characters out there that are near and dear to my heart. Do I really need to pick one? 😩

One that stands out a bit profoundly for me is Cecille Gadhavi, keeper of secrets and “infamous mob doctor”. This character has been quite the instigator in a few plots that’s been going on. I was pleasantly surprised (shocked, more like) to discover a harrowing plot point weeks after a major plot for another character that bolstered one of many reasons Gadhavi yeeted the Stranger into a black hole (I didn’t catch on to said plot point until later!). Needless to say, Gadhavi is a well done character, with a fabulous writer behind them.
Oh man, there are so many beautiful, meaningful and well crafted characters that this was truly an excersize for me.

Braedan is always going to be my favorite character. I've been playing with this big bad demon daddy for many years and even still his character has enough anchor on my freaking soul to scramble the most emotional responses. The storylines that this character has spearheaded have been nothing short of major, exciting, intelligent, and influential. Nothing with this character is ever "just because", he's a beautiful creature woven of pure logic and purpose. There is redemption to be found, but never quite where you want it to be, and that much is refreshing. It just draws you back for more! This character has been one of my biggest challenges as a writer, he's inspired me, he's dared me, and he's put me between a rock and a hard place story wise. I popped on once five years ago, just to feel out RP again, one scene with Braedan and I was hooked all over again. All of these years have passed yet nothing has gotten stale. The character continues to grow, change, learn, adapt and evolve seamlessly with the worlds around him. He is never complete in his purpose, and despite this he always has some layered goal hidden just up his sleeve. I love this character for so many reasons that it's hard to even explain to strangers. He's been the antaognist, and the protagonist to many of my muses several times over. Within him lies an extremely complex and layered psychology that one would be foolish to miss. It'd be a huge mistake to judge the man based on his title alone when there is so much more than just skin deep. Yes, he most definitely is deserving of the crown that he wears in every sense of the term, but he's so much more.

The writer of this character has put so much time and effort into his creation, his history, down to the way he ties his shoes and keeps his home. Corvin has cut no corners in creating a fully rounded entity with this character, every little detail of this man breathes and writhes with life in it's purest form. I can't help but imagine how proud I'd be to have a character like that, one so thought out and unique. Oh yes, there are many kings of lust in this whole wide world of fiction, but this one takes the cake. Nah, You give him the cake. I sincerely hope for many more years of plots and adventures with the king, though.

It was really hard for me to choose just one character! Eeep!

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