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Dr Natalie Manning (played anonymously)

"Ehhh, a bit too goth for me. Sorry."

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He frowned. "I'm afraid I'll have to pass..."
Keo Soun Le (played anonymously)

"Oh dear... too bloody.... definitely passing."
Aaron Conroy (played by Dndmama)

Aaron rubs the back of his head and let's out a nervous laugh. "Oh no. I couldn't. I mean, a beautiful girl like you with her whole life ahead of her? I'd just be holding you back."

Don't listen to him. Would totally romance.
Greg Lestrade (played by Atheist)

"From one father to another, I gotta say I know the struggle. Maybe a drink or something, if you've got the time, but I can't very well disrupt what you've got going on."

Greg smiles genially before continuing, "A respectful pass. I certainly wouldn't mind being your wingman though, if need be."
Stray Dog (played anonymously)

"Hey mang, I totally don't swing that way and I actually already got a girl."

"That being said, would you by any chance be interested in a BROmance? I feel like we could get into all kinds of hijinks together after which hilarity will ensue."
Bobby Samson (played by Dndmama)

"Whoo! You are adorable! I always love meeting another pup! Mind if I sniff your butt? I'm just teasing! And I hear you about swinging, but if you ever get curious what's on the other side of the fence give me a call, alright?" Bobby gives Stray one last teasing wink and a pair of finger guns for good measure. Who doesn't like finger guns?

Skipsy (played by Angel_Dust)

I'd rather friend, but to be nice I'll say romance
Nekomi (played anonymously)

"Hmmm... :/ PASSuuuuuu nyaaa..." :3
Angelica (played by Berrystar)

"Oh my," the woman giggled at the Neko. "Well aren't you adorable? I'd have to say pass though."
Amy (played anonymously)

"What a comely fair maiden you are. It would be my honor to be your knight."
"The Dwarves and the Empire have stood together as allies through all manner of adversity, it shall be my honor to meet the company of a dawi with such prowess in combat and grace in appearance"
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

"If the only options are Romance or Pass I will have to pass. I have a healthy amount of respect for you Sir but I don't feel like going down THAT particular road."
"Nope. Not only are you mre than twice my age but also I don't like you. Don't take that personally- I don't like a lot of people." He crossed his arms.

(oh my god- not again. ignore this one)
Nekomi (played anonymously)

"Hmm... I should probably pass nyaaa? But who knows, we need to get to know each other first."
The Werelion (played anonymously)

"What a cute kitty, hmrrr. Romance."
Rosalie (played by Thatnerdychick)

spar first, then romance.
"I believe regarding your personal interests it would be polite of me to pass. I wish you well, my lady."
A'sraha (played by hexblading)

"No offense, mister, but you're old! Almost as old as my dad, give or take a decade. Wait. Definitely give." She nodded, folding her arms together. "If we started going out, people would start talking! Even the Elementals will say stuff like, 'isn't she too young for him?'! The horror! The scandal! I mean, we can totally go out for a platonic brunch, I know a good place that serves toasted bread with homemade jam, but nothing else! Not even hand-holding! You're not missing out on much, anyway! People say I have an iron grip."

"So that's like... a pass? A gentle pass? Not a pass at, that would be weird. But pass!"
Jeremiah Teller (played anonymously)

“We could romance for a day, maybe longer if it is enjoyable.”

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