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Whether your character is a hero/protagonist or a villain/antagonist, you are going to need some help and a nemesis! Maybe you will find an unlikely pair for a roleplay, but it's mostly just for fun 😉

How to play?
Look at the character above you and respond with what your character would label them. Please keep it PG-13
  • Minion/sidekick – If you think they are better suited for your character's dirty work
  • Master – If you think you are better suited to be THEIR minion/sidekick
  • Nemesis – To every ying there is a yang and you'll spend your whole life trying to defeat them.

Nova Mokolis (played by Mipps) Topic Starter

I'll start off with my Wendigo *rawr* RPR is clearly my Nemesis
Lexi (played by Lucretire)

Nemesis: "If y'all's gonna go around eatin' humans n' #&@%, then tha'sa 'ell naw in my book. ...Says MFA pr'tocol, anyway. No hard feels tho'. 'M jus' doin' m' job, man."
Minion: "Your well suited and skilled to be worthy of serving the Almighty Settra and you have the potential to become one of the most powerful servants of Settra."
Reverence Edoan (played anonymously)

"At last... Someone worthy to follow. I will herald you in your endeavors, Master."
Shamshir (played anonymously)


“Foul demon! Thou shalt meet justice!!”
Rimel Doal (played anonymously)


"Let My arrow meet its mark and aid in your quest."
The Warden (played by SomeFBIDude)


The Warden let out a joyful laugh,”Let us fight together till our very last breath!”
Rannveig Gunnardottir (played anonymously)


"I would enjoy corrupting this one."
Trinitera (played by Libertine)


"Your spirit is great and capable, Moya Ledi. If only you would come back to the Light!"
Maiev Shadowsong (played by MordosKull)


"My Watchers could always use more cavalry."
The Warden (played by SomeFBIDude)


“You may be different from me, but when did that matter in the mist of war.”
Shamshir (played anonymously)


"Let us sally forth and vanquish evil wherever it may rear its ugly head! Huzzah!"
Amadeus (played by Mipps) Topic Starter

Nemesis "I'd Imagine you would be nothing but a wall in my way."
John Robert Marron (played by Juls)


"Whaddaya need? Someone taken out for cheap? You got it, boss...."

''Oh, come here, my little sweet blood puppet.''
Zane (played by Pantrane)


“You want to call me out?” Zane scoffs and raises his nose. “First of all, you look like new money. Second of all, where did you dredge up that surname?” He narrows his eyes. “I tried complimenting you before, yet you try to step up at my expense?”

He flips his cape behind him as he turns to his side. “Take a good look at originality. You will never see this face anywhere else. I didn’t copy my image from society. I am my own vampire, to a tradition before it was about sparkles and television tropes.”

His clothing ripped as he began to transform. His ears shifted and expanded until they resembled those of a bat. The undead man rose several inches in height. As his chest was exposed, twisted marks distorted his flesh and musculature. Zane’s arms and legs grew longer and more bulky. Underneath it all, his hair and eyes remained the same as did his complexion. Zane now hunched forward in a bent posture. Silver irises watched her with an undead glow.

“There is even a beast within me.” His jaw extended, showing all of his teeth sharpening and extending into jagged rows of canines. “How dare you insult me, Ms. Sparkle.”

His voice was now wretched and ghastly. A ghoulish scent leapt from deep within his throat.
'' Thanks for the fun show, darling. ''

Korra (played by MordosKull)


"Oh yeah, you got villain written all over you."
Kioko Shilang (played by Lithe)


“You could definitely be of use to me. Fail me and I’ll simply toss you aside.” Kioko shrugged as she said this in a sultry voice, twirling her hair nonchalantly.

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