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“Show me the way....”

“id prefer you as a sidekick someone to watch my back when deep within the enemies territory as opposed to a master or villian”
Colette Renarde (played anonymously)

Oh my but you're impressive. sidekick for sure. Just because partner isn't an option here
Colette Renarde (played anonymously)

arachknight-2099 wrote:
Ummm...not to complain or be rude, but that's not how the game is played my friend.
Pwent Thibbledorf (played anonymously)


"Oh, ye bloody Swashbucklers are all a pain in the arse."

"To be honest, I'd rather we never cross paths, but for the sake of this game, nemesis.

A person who enjoys fighting as much as you cannot be any good for me or my family."
Songbird (played by fiesch)

"What you lack I can give, and you posses the ability to be where I can not. I believe you and I could make a content partnership with you as my minion."
DIO (played by KatayokuNoTenshiVII)

“I’ll make you my minion.
Charles Joran (played by j_a7980)

Not going lie, I ain't sure what it is I'm looking at exactly, bit ya seem like kinda an ass. Gonna have to say nemesis
Rorik Reyns (played by Juls)

"While I'm not fond of the term "minion", I could certainly use good men like you in my ranks..."

((I love his history, j_a7980!! <3 ))
“I always have room for a few more outlaws under my wings... You might even come to like being my minion”
Mirros (played by Stiltski)

"Master by a long shot. I'm not that great of a leader my self, a situation involving a tomb can attest to that. I'm more of the person to follow orders, and I feel like you would give the best orders to follow."
Jip (played by Juls)

"No, no, no! You come work for me instead, Mr Mirros! Listen, I'll take you on adventures. You just listen to what I say and it'll all be good. I've really always wanted a minion!"
Stray Dog (played anonymously)

"What's good my fellow gnome!? Let us engage in whacky, noisy and mischievous merrymaking together! For the Gnomeland!"


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