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I was recently inspired by a plot in which characters could summon a Warrior of Olde to aid them in battle. This is similar to "steal a character" threads, but with a combative twist. Think of Magic the Gathering, or any game in which you can play a summoner class!
Choose a character from the person above to fight for you.
Please post as your user account, and make sure you have at least two characters public to pick from!

If you have a whole lot of characters, you could add a list for the next person to pick from at the end of your post.
Why did you choose that champion?
What would you use them to fight for?

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Oh hell to the yessssss!! This is fun!

Out of all your characters, I will pick Yaz to fight for me. I chose Yaz because she seems to bring about this weird mixed feelings of fear, admiration, terror, and awe. It's insane to watch her in action and it leaves your mouth hanging open, but you sure as heck don't want to be on the receiving end or the one that's fighting her. PLUS! She'll eat your teeth.

I would use her to fight for anything, really. I need some back up? Boom, defend me please. Someone owes me something? Shake em down, Yaz! Defending my honor, yessss and I'll buy us milkshakes afterwards!!! I think the intimidation factor would be enough to keep people at bay, really. And that's good enough for meeeee. But really, Yaz is great to throw into any situation where someone needs to be put in their place. :D
Mmm, tough one.

I pick CC Banks. Nothing like a good old fashioned western man to handle things. Plus I find it amusing that his nickname is Cactus. XD He don't look like one, unless it's cause of his prickly beard.

He looks like the type who could fairly well hold against his own, and that's something I like. Anyone wants to confront me they'd deal with CC first. And since I don't know a thing about gun use, then he could handle gun fights for me. As to what other reason, I'm not sure yet. -anime sweats- Lol!
Claine Moderator

How could I not pick THE World Serpent? Immeasurably massive, feared by the most powerful gods, not to mention this rendition of him also has regenerative abilities. How could I not want to one of the most powerful entities who ever lived as my champion?

Oh bollocks, uuhh... at least most of Claine's folk look like fighters.

Imma go with Jane. Can't go wrong with a sword and board Orc, and I hear the Eldricth Knight class is pretty OP, though I don't really play 5e so don't quote me on that!!
Oh no doubt, I’ll pick Connor! I’d trust that guy with my life!
I'm tempted to pick Esme, as I suspect she might have the highest body count. But if we're talking a straight up fight...

I think I'll have to go with Duke Dracon Corbeau.
Ooooooooooooooooh, let's seeeeee....

I'll have to pick Cedric Hayes as my fighter - even though there were a lot of good choices! :D

CC Banks. He looks like he can handle himself in a gun fight,he also looks capable in protecting'm gonna have to go with him. (Also great character btw)
I have to go with Kumara. I think he'll come in hand when it comes to stealth and close combat. Plus many people would intimated by his sheer height alone. He would be awesome as a fighter.
Drace hands down. A necromancer shapeshifter, who's an assassin/thief, and alignment to shadows?

Yep. He's my champion of choice, I like how he's detailed and thought out. He looks cute too.
Libertine Topic Starter

Maestro. His aesthetic is an automatic perk, but I would really prefer to have a "summon" that just looks like a musician and model. He would be underestimated at first glance, and that would give us a clever, story-worthy advantage. Juggling his fame and musical career would make for fun filler episodes ;)

How could I not choose the woman who is single handedly the most terrifying and beautiful Orc I have ever lain eyes on. Sometimes if you're a bad player like me, you pick your cared based on the picture and how shiny it is, lucky me Yaz isn't just a looks. She packs a mean MEAN punch while spouting that loud mouth teeth chompin' sass you'd expect out of a champion summon. ;) I really can't go wrong with picking her to fight my battles.
Oooh. I want Marcellus on my side. Nothing like an old, powerful, handsome, irreverent oddball out there fighting your battles for you. He can have all the pasta he wants as far as I'm concerned. Heaps and heaps of it so long as my enemies get ground to a fine, fine powder. Sic 'em, boy.

Skadi for sure. A good dwarf is never something to overlook no matter how much taller you might be than them.
After very careful consideration, and going through pros and cons, I would choose Zizka

I feel like a bloke who’s easy to make allies would be a great champion. Any guy who’s been teased about his parentage would also be less likely to be blinded by hubris during the fight.

Also, I would be slightly worried about Megan’s tendency to space out. I need all the focus, I can get! :P
So many great options to pick from, but I keep going back to Esme. I mean, someone who's been widowed that many times has got to have something to throw out there to mess up other people. Or at the very least, keep us safe! XD
I feel like Mina would punch my enemies in the throat with zero hesitation & some Tarantino flair. Plus she has that 2014 Jessie J vibe.
Ben has a mustache that could literally sweep women off their feet and make men stop in their tracks. I would choose this debonair gentleman to be my champion—I feel like he would get the job done, but wouldn’t have to work too hard to get his point across. All that magic comes from that dashing mustache, I’m telling you.
Jaxamir makes an excellent champion. He looks the part and has the knight armor and cool shiny gems to tinker with in a story. A few of my characters are knights and he’d fit in well to my storylines. I also like his ties to elemental fire. I’ve always wanted to write a pyromancer.

I can see him as a cool opposite to my storm wizard who is tied more to water as an element. Jaxamir seems like he could handle any scenario that could arise.

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