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I would say Mikhail Ripjaw, he seems really intersecting. I feel like he wouldn't let me down.

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I'm tempted to go with Lucerfir, but I think he could go off the rails on a killing spree. Jessica Everdream seems like the safer bet, but still bada$$ enough to deal with most things that come along. So Jessica it is!
Frank Efferson. I've seen the dude floating around in the Browse Characters section, and what more do you really need than a good western horseman who dabbles in honest work? Alternatively, maybe I'm just bad at outside chores. Please help.
Libertine Topic Starter

Peony. I just want to live out my Ark dreams ;__;
Rigamus. say hello to my large fren.
Don't think I could go wrong with Aegis! A warforged paladin is always a great choice for combat, don't you think?
Alright, listen. I'm going to do something a little unconventional and say Mul'sako, who's a character in Hades's profile. A-ha!
I choose Azura to fight on my behalf!
I'd say Rosaline. She looks quite tough.
Captain Supremo.
Azizah... Magic helps in most situations.
Nikkolai Voidsong is my choice.
Aahnik. Because he is god
Dante. I like the DMC series :)
Parelle, he looks like he can handle himself in a lot of situations.
Claine Moderator

I think I'll have to go with Anton! Supernatural strength, good-aligned, knowledgeable in medicine - he's the perfect ally!
Oh for sure taking Mathemagician and Spellsword! I love puns and they look like awesome characters!
Jaladri Mezek!

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