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I am a 17 year old non-binary person from the Midwestern United States. I haven't had much luck finding roleplayers before due to my age.
All of ny role-playing is from fictional fandoms, usually movies. I hope that isn't an issue.
Hello and welcome to the rpr
Welcome! I’m sure you will find your place here amongst us all in no time.
Hi potential friend! Welcome to RPR!

To answer your questions:
-age can be a limiter when trying to find RP partners, but mainly when RPs risk approaching PG 18 themes. Otherwise, this is a fairly sizeable community, and you're bound to find someone who will love to RP with you.
-Roleplaying in fandom, while not the majority I've seen, is certainly not a small niche thing, so you'll have people interested around here.

Advice to start out:
-The Getting started guide is well made and informative
-I'd also go check the looking for RP forum, if you haven't already. Post a topic with the genre of RP you'd like to do, precising the fandom in which you play, and any other specifics that you think matter. That should get you noticed.
-get yourself out there! Participate in some forum games, greet new members; that's how I met most of my current RP partners, so don't be shy. RPR is a very friendly place.
-Add some things to your profile! Fandoms you like, general style you prefer (concise? long posts?), limits, boundaries and interests (what will you not want to RP? What makes you uncomfortable? what do you want / like to play?)

I think that's all for now.
And, once again, welcome to RPR!
Welcome to the community!
Hi! Welcome to RPR!
Hello and welcome! I'm sure you will find a lot of great RPs to join here! ^_^
hello and WELCOME TO RPR!!!!<3<3<3<3

Hello fellow enby and welcome to RPR!
What fandoms do you roleplay?
Well hello to every gender out there my name is Sarah but my Full Name is Katelynn Renee Saraphina Morgan and I am 17 years old about to be 18 Next year March 17, 2021, and I Have been roleplaying on here for a while so I am just here to say my official introduction to any and all players so here we GO!!!!!

Newbies players welcome and hello, and may I personally welcome you to our website that thousands of people from all over the world come to, and just so you know we are like a family community with each player having their own role I am happy you decided to be in our not so little community I hope you are happy to be here

Returning players welcome back my fellow players I am glad that you have returned and may I say that RPRepository has changed so much that now people all over the world have come to this site, we are a family-friendly community and all ages are welcome to our home away from home.

and for The LGBTQ+ community, I hope you find yourself a happy place here and feel comfortable

hey there, welcome to RPR!! I hope you have a lot of fun here!!
HELLO! I'm also a gender diverse new person from the Midwest. :D
Welcome to RPR i hope you enjoy your stay, and happy new year.
Hello and welcome to RPR! I hope you have an amazing time here!
Welcome to RPR! I hope you find lots of fandoms and great fun! Happy New Year!
Greetings, and welcome to this sweet community!
I'm a li'l bit late to this post, but I'd like to say welcome, and that I hope you're enjoying your time here so far (and that you will continue to enjoy it, too!) Happy internetting, and may you find plenty of wonderful friends and RP partners :)
Hello and Welcome to the RPR Family! 👑❤️
Greetings, I bid you welcome here as well, I am a very experienced roleplayer and I dare to say that this site is the best of the best, not only admins and moderators are friendly you have tons of options here that you can never find in other sites, people are kind and caring and unequivocally there will be fantastic and stately role play partners for you here, create and design your characters and you will see that there will be great opportunities for you, welcome to the land of imagination where everything is possible where the only thing that is impossible is the word impossible itself!

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