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Have you been scouring the LFRP boards, but haven't been able to find anything that's caught your eye? Are you just looking to play around with that oft-neglected character? Are you just looking to pass the time with some good ol' fashioned IC shenanigans? Then you've come to the right place, my friend. Feel free to stop by the interdimensional hangout, a place open to characters of all origins, fandom or otherwise. There aren't too many rules here, just try to keep it friendly; players of all skill levels are encouraged to join in. Keep the combat to a minimum and all other forum rules apply here. Feel free to hop in and have some fun with the other denizens of the forums.
The goblin hybrid patted her mount as she swung off the saddle. "ayo, gal, ayo." She soothed the watchful beast. It bore a small head with two fangs sticking out of her closed mouth. Her long neck matched her slender body and her tail bore a feathery tuff at the end. She settled her wings against her sides as her hooves struck the cobblestones that led to what seemed to be a tavern of sorts. Leading the beast, the short female entered the wide doors and placed her mount in what was marked as a stable. Once the beast was in a stall, she took the bridle and saddle off, as well as the leg wrappings. Hanging the items on a hook, she returned to brush and feed the animal before existing the stall and closing the door.

Entering the main area, she sat down at what seemed to be the bar at the front of the place, looking to see if anyone was there. She had to climb the tall stool, but she was comfortably settled onto her perch.
Ja'vassa Anair (played by KansasVenomoth) Topic Starter


Seeing the small girl climb the stool, the Khajiit had approached the bar. "Ah, welcome to the Traveler's Inn." He greeted, bending down to pick up an empty mug, quietly wiping it out. "What can I get for you? We've got warm drinks, warm food, and warm beds. I can also offer a limited amount of alchemical goods, weapons, and armor. Whatever it is, we should have it."
The goblin hybrid would attempt to speak, but was interupted by a harsh coughing fit. Using the small scarf around her neck, she covered her mouth as she raised a hand. She would make a cup motion, asking for a drink. As the fit subsided, she would say,
'Nothing too hot, I don't intend to fall asleep on the bar." in a raspy voice that sounded like it took effort to use. Looking at the cat-like creature in front of her, she didn't seem to surprised at the sight. She had seen strange beings before and it wasn't out of the realm of reality.
Ja'vassa Anair (played by KansasVenomoth) Topic Starter

"Why don't we start you off with a glass of water? Might be useful for that cough of yours." Ja'vassa suggested, sliding over a cup of water. "I haven't seen you around here before, are you new here? I don't mean to pry, I'm just curious is all." He asked, leaning against the counter. "We don't often get new folks out here, most of my patrons tend to come out here from Ivarstead nearby."
"Thanks," She rasped before taking a slow sip, "Old injury this cough is, from breathing in toxins from melted ice." She shuddered as the memories flashed in her mind for a brief moment. "I am a wanderer, no true home anymore." She fell silent, sipping the water as she stared at the counter, not wanting to use her voice at the moment. Rubbing her throat, she leaned back to stretch her back before eying the cat again. She was wary by nature, not wanting to be jumped, but she figured this one wouldn't waste his time doing so.

After several moments, she pulls out a small bag of coins and pointed to the sign that hung behind the counter. More specifically, she pointed to the word, "Bed," and held up seven fingers, silently asking for the fee of staying for a week.
Ja'vassa Anair (played by KansasVenomoth) Topic Starter

"I might have some medicines that could help with the cough if you need. I'll check my stocks in a bit and get back to you later." He offered, pouring a glass of Honningbrew for another customer. "I have an available room down the hall, 25 septims for the week. This also includes a complimentary breakfast and dinner for the week. We should also be having a bard from Solitude coming in soon, so there will be some music in future as well."
The word septims threw the woman for a loop, leaving her to look at the cat in a confused manner. opening the bag, she pulled out 25 coins and pushed them towards him, keeping the bag open in case the exchange rate was higher. When he went to get the medicines, she shook her head,
"It's been about 6 years, if not longer. Healers already tried, but there was nothing that could be done." She spoke, her voice sounding gravely, similar to a mountain dwarf. "I'm used to it." She said before her voice faded out for the time being.
((I'll be using Amelia and Faith for this as Ja'vassa's adopted daughters as KV and I discussed in pms. Hope y'all don't mind me just jumping in here!))

"Amelia, that's my dolly! Give it back!" Faith whined, chasing her adopted sister around the tavern, disturbing quite a few patrons in the process.

Amelia simply stuck her tongue out at Faith, holding the doll away. "Nu-uh! It's mine! Yours had the chipped nose and this one doesn't have that!" she retorted.

"No it didn't! That one was yours!" Faith fired back. Soon enough, Faith had managed to grab hold of the doll, causing a tug of war to break out between the two. All the while they continued to squabble.
Ja'vassa Anair (played by KansasVenomoth) Topic Starter

"I'm sorry to hear that." He responds, setting the coins in a nearby lockbox. "Your room's down the hall, first door on the right. Feel free to let me know if you need anything and I'll send someone by." He added, sighing as the voices of his younger children reached his ears. Before he had a chance to say much, the eldest of the group had gone to try and break it up. "Come on, you two. You can't be doing this in the middle of the tavern, you could get yourselves or someone else hurt." Raeza said, grabbing a hold of the doll. "Come outside with me and we'll discuss what you're arguing about." The young Dunmer suggested.
She simply shrugged and finished her water before eying the menu that hung on the wall. When the cat would come back to her sitting spot, she would motion to the menu and hold up four fingers, signaling which food item she wanted. She would then pull out the needed number of coins, slipping a few more into a cup that was on the counter for tips.

She noticed the children and gave them a soft smile. They reminded her of the young that once populated her home...before the terror that ended them. Adjusting her wrap to settle back on her shoulders, she finished her water.
Both girls exclaimed "Hey!" as the doll was taken by Raeza. Both pouted, glaring towards her as she spoke. Though, they soon huffed and muttered "Fine." in response to the suggestion to go outside and talk about the issue. However, neither seemed too happy about it.
Anatolie (played by suzixspectrum)

A short young man by the name of Anatolie entered the inn, lugging his beloved lute by his side. He strode through the room in a swish of dark fabric, black cloak billowing behind him as he made his way to the counter, passing by the group of children in the process.

Any aura of mystery he might have had was undoubtedly shattered the moment he opened his mouth and let out his singsongy voice. "Hellooooo!" he said to Ja'vassa, sitting down on one of the stools. He gently laid his lute down on the seat next to him. "Wow! I've been out traveling for a long time, walking mostly, and you know, it's really nice to sit down. In an actual chair rather than on the ground. This is great. I love this place. And you know, I go to all sorts of taverns and such. But this is a nice one. I can tell already." He could have rambled for a good twenty minutes about how great the seat was and how wonderful the inn was, despite having only just showed up. Luckily for everyone around him, he was too thirsty to let that go on for too long. "Now, could I ask you for a drink? Something strong. Or whatever you've got, really. I can handle it. I've been told I look like a lightweight when it comes to drinking but I promise you, it's not true at all."
Ja'vassa Anair (played by KansasVenomoth) Topic Starter

"Thank you, Raeza." The Dragonborn said, watching as the Dunmer headed out. As the young man sat down near the counter, Ja'vassa approached, bowing slightly. "Welcome to the Traveler's Inn, this place is relatively new, just opened up a couple weeks ago." Once he mentioned wanting something strong, he headed back towards the shelves, "Something strong... let's see..." He grinned, grabbing a small silver flagon. "Here we are, something an old friend taught me. This is the Cliff Racer, only for the bravest of souls. It's Firebrand Wine, Cyrodilic Brandy, Flin, and Sujamma." He explained, pouring a glass of it. "Back when I first sampled this in Riften, it got me drunk enough to the point I assumed I could fly... I spent a good portion of the day in the nearby lake, at least that's what the locals said anyways.:
The small woman eyed the newcomer with a wary glare. She didn't quite like how close he was, but didn't move. She was here first after all, the goblin hybrid intended to stand her ground. She stayed quiet as the male spoke, save for a low warning growl. When the cat spoke to the male, she calmed somewhat, but didn't stop watching the male as he spoke. Hearing his claim of being able to hold his drink, Aello couldn't help but let a raspy laugh slip from her throat. She had heard many say such things in every single tavern she had entered; she had found it quite hilarious when they proved themselves wrong very quickly after a few drinks of a strong alcohol.

As the cat prepared a drink for the male, the hybrid snorted softly at the sharp smell coming from the flagon. She shook her head, chuckling at their host's story of how he got said drink. She would then eye the male the drink was for, waiting to see what he would do.
Void (played by DragonBorn123)

Void walked into the building and took her cloak hood down as she walked to the bar. She thought 'a khajiit...strange things every day,' before looking around the others. She noticed that there wasn't only humans or khajiit and she found some comfort in this, so she took her cloak off and set it in her lap.
Ja'vassa Anair (played by KansasVenomoth) Topic Starter

"Welcome to the Traveler's Inn." Ja'vassa greeted, approaching the newcomer. "Welcome, we've got warm beds, warm drinks, and warm food. How may I help you today?" He asked, grabbing another empty mug. "Or if you want, feel free to sit by the fire and I'll send someone your way."
Void (played by DragonBorn123)

She looked at Ja'vassa somewhat studying him, for she only had a brief encounter with a khajiit before, just a passing. "What do you have to eat?"
Ja'vassa Anair (played by KansasVenomoth) Topic Starter

"We've got a variety of stews, soups, breads, and freshly roasted meats and vegetables." Ja'vassa replied, heading towards the pot. "I can get you started with some bread if you wish."
Void (played by DragonBorn123)

"That sound good. Thank you." She stares into the fire trying to remember how she came to discover or learn about this place.

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