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Veronica proceeds to give the puppy a hug, but it ends up being a little awkward because of her big belly. "You're a good boy, just be careful with the belly, hmm?" She smiled.
Lei-Seg Frostskader (played anonymously)

Lei-Seg tugged on his gloves, looking up at Veronica, then he carefully gave her a hug, making sure he wasn't too near her stomach so he wouldn't hurt her or the unborn child.

He closed his eyes, nuzzled her once, he felt cold. (He was in-fact very, very cold.)
Then he let go, tightening his scarf a little bit.

Aluel Deng (played by Samiakki)

"Okay, you are. . . way too young for anyone to be flirting with you, so there's that."

Aluel scratched behind her ear, where some curly hair was pulled back tightly. She minded her hairstyle as she did so. This wasn't her first rodeo with the undead, but she wasn't about to be impolite to them. They were still people, after all. Even ghosts.

"And I wouldn't slap you either. Who would slap a child? People are crazy these days."

She clicked her tongue in annoyance, but her expression quickly relaxed.

"I guess I can hug you. Just. . . by the side. Like-" She bent over, extending an arm for a sideways hug. "Like that. Yeah, that is fine- Jesus, you're cold!"
Flirt: "You're cute. Love your outfit. So...wanna go catch a movie? Maybe go get dinner at a crappy diner?"
"I would like to hug you, if that is okay…ma'am. Dammit Theo, no need to be so formal."
Andrew Rhodes (played by VoliminalVerse)

"Theo is my best friend. Hug. Of course"
Mochi - Soy (played by Reithesniper)

Mochi looks at andrew.. Peaks at his mind for a moment.. And hugs him, he seemed wholesome enough
"I know who you are. You've met Mathius. I suppose, hug"

He gently hugged Mochi
James Moriarty (played by Atheist)

Jim swirled the contents of his crystalline glass, his taciturn gaze fixated on the agitating liquor. The ice tinkled merrily in the otherwise still silence while the professor heaved a thoughtful sigh.

He looked up realizing he was in the company of another and forced a smile. It was a bit more difficult to play the façade while under the influence he found, but gin always made things easier in the long run.

"Definitely flirt," he uttered, his speech almost imperceptibly enduring despite the gross amount of booze he's imbibed this evening. "You're blonde, otherworldly, and you have a thing for redeeming qualities. I've got redeeming qualities, but I'm just a bad boy at heart."
Andreas Shi (played anonymously)

Andreas looked over at the other, before wrapping his arms around him in a soft hug. He stayed for a second before backing away, smiling a bit.
Thor the Malinois (played anonymously)

Using his front paws, he stood on his hind legs and wrapped them around Andreas wagging his tail.
"OH! Dog, you look so happy, let us hug and embrace the journey ahead!!" Gale laughs heartily!!
Rainbow Dash (played anonymously)

“Woah! You seem like a fun guy! Nice ‘n happy too!” Rainbow chuckled, giving the Knight a big hug.
Ahlam (played anonymously)

Taking a moment to allow his brain to process all the colors before him. He opens his arms and takes a long deep breath before breathing out, like if he was meditating. "Hug, you explosion of color."
Thor the Malinois (played anonymously)

He would drop into a play bow before sitting next to him and wrapping his left front paw around the humans right leg.
Ciel (played anonymously)

"It would be mean to hit a dog, and quite odd to flirt with a dog. So I shall choose Hug." He wrapped his arms around the dog and hugged it for... actually a few minutes, before letting go of the dog.
Ashten Tucker (played anonymously)

Ash scratched his head, trying to recall what flirting, slapping, or hugging was. He attempted to give the boy a hug, as he did before. Except Ash's was a bit awkward.
Fake Peppino (played by Taro_Nuke1)

"I mean... I don't know.. But.. ah. who am i kidding.." Fake Peppino would then proceed to Hug Ashten.
Amber Díaz (played anonymously)

"Your face looks like it has already been slapped, so I'll slap the other side to straighten it out for you."
"Hey, you didn't have to do that." -Slap-

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