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Cyrus Roth (played by MsWidow)

Who let you escape from the anime convention?

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"You, you offspring of a silly person!"
Cyrus Roth (played by MsWidow)

Shut it tinman!
"Don't you lecture him with your thirty dollar haircut!"
"Says the cat with a literally dyed fur color."
SMILE (played by Reithesniper)

"You have many anger issues and try to solve your problems with violence"
Sunny (played by XenoverseSurvivor)

"You look like that dude from Don't toy with me miss nagatoro"
Cici Henry (played by Astrobeans)

“Every time I look at you, I want to sing Sunny, are you okay? Will you tell us that you're okay?”, she sings with the instrumental of Smooth Criminal in the background.
You look like four buckets of crushed assholes
Hasha Reshani (played by Katparker)

"You're just a typical cog in a big green murder machine...wielded by whatever corporate suit is paying the most. You have the skills to do real good for the common people. It's a shame they are wasted where they are now."
KuroKuro (played by XenoverseSurvivor)

"I can't even insult you. I have no clue what you look like"
Mr. Koala (played anonymously)

"You wear a hat, and you are a hat wearer!" Mr. Koala laughs!
"You are so cute that it infuriates me"
Nia Hilde (played anonymously)

"Honestly? There's not much to insult. If anything, you're too perfect and clean. People are imperfect, messy beings. If you're not? Then you're lying."

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