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What’s the best show you’ve seen in the last few years or so, that still really really sticks out, and what about it really made it stick?

Mine is Midnight Mass in Netflix, the atmosphere and story was incredible, and every character was cast so well. Specifically Father Paul, Hamish Linklater played him so well.

What about you guys?
The Expanse will be forever a favourite, but currently I am really enjoying Chicago Fire.
Same reasons - engaging storylines and realistic in their own way.
My favorite one I just saw was bewitched my mom loves it a lot and said she watched it when she was a kid and well I love it and it’s funny!
Clarkson's Farm on Amazon Prime. It was interesting to see a man who has spent most of his life as an over the top car show presenter take on a more down to earth (pun intended) challenge. It was quite good, and it got a lot of great reviews on how well it showed the day-to-day life of a farmer.
Sherlock. The series on Netflix. I have always loved reading Sherlock Holmes and the series makes me very happy :)
Yellowstone! Absolutely hooked!
The Owl House on Disney+. It's everything I wish I had when I was younger to watch, but am so glad to be watching now even as an adult. LGBTQ characters and couples, great plot, great animation, fun world building. I ADORE the show.
MercyInReach wrote:
The Owl House on Disney+. It's everything I wish I had when I was younger to watch, but am so glad to be watching now even as an adult. LGBTQ characters and couples, great plot, great animation, fun world building. I ADORE the show.

I was thinking about saying TOH too. It's such a great show with perfect representation. A good example for any positive LGBTQ+ shows or films in the future :) Especially with how casual, open, and normalized it all is. Just *chef's kiss*.
Probably Dragon Prince, but also, I've recently gotten my mother into Mob Psycho 100 and we're excited for season 3!
TheDudeWhosLost Topic Starter

These all sound really really interesting! I’ve heard a lot about yellowstone, my family has actually been meaning to get into it. I’ve heard about owl house too, I like the art style from what I’ve seen, but never watched.
Lost in Space, for me. I just love the show!

Danger Will Robinson
I'm notoriously bad for choosing favourites, so I won't do that.

I will however, express my love for the Netflix animated series Centaurworld. Season 2 just dropped like yesterday or something, which is pretty hype.
Hmm. I've seen some really great shows in the past few years, but I'd have to say that the one which stuck out most is a German Netflix series called Dark.

I can't spare many details as it would likely spoil the plot, but I will say Dark is one of the best Sci-fi shows that I've had the pleasure of watching. If you're into Sci-fi / Mystery elements I would encourage you to watch it whenever you can, and keep some pencils/paper nearby! Trust me, you'll need them :D
TheDudeWhosLost Topic Starter

I’ve heard a lot of great things about Dark, I really need to check it out.

I just finished Lost In Space! It was an incredible show
I watched the 3rd season of Lost in Space too. Loved it.
I thought the TV mini-series Maid was really good, though sad at times.
i think i’ve watched 40-ish tv shows but the one that takes the cake is ted lasso. the initial thought i had - and my impression is that most people share that - is, how can so many people like a tv show about soccer? it’s great. it’s adults where most of them are on a soccer team, which is what tv show revolves around but more importantly the relationship between everyone and how they grow. it tackles a lot of important societal issues in some scenes while still remaining entertaining and funny at other times. it has such a special place in my heart :D
An oldie but goodie.

Samurai Jack: Season 1
I've just started watching the 3rd Critical Role campaign, and it's certainly off to an entertaining start. But whilst I would probably rate Critical Role as the best overall D&D show I've seen, the best individual campaign has to be the High Rollers Aerois campaign. From an emotional standpoint, from the general setting and from the overall cool factor. There are definitely multiple moments that can leave you speechless. Especially one of the biggest twists being stumbled upon entirely by chance. There was also a crossover episode with Oxventure as part of an official D&D event which was amazing as a fan of both of those shows.

Also hype for Critical Role's new animated series, The Legend of Vox Machina, which is being released later this month!
Well well, how about I say... His Dark Materials for a change?

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