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Dunedain-Ranger wrote:
Mia. One of the first people I rp’d online with was named ‘Mia Divine’ and though there is little on Mia’s profile, the name brings up fond memories.
((She is more of the overlooked one, though she can be creepy. Come on, 6 year olds can be creepy.))

Zadicus Bradshaw

I've said it once, I'll say it again: Venux is by far one of my favorites!

And i'll repeat as well lmao

turntechGodhead wrote:
I really like Diablo since they have connections with the seven deadly sins and some of the other villian characters are nice to.

Jaqueline Daniels.

Blake Ashford looks awesome!

nightmare and the undead warriors - reminds me of a cheesy cartoon show, in a good way, of course. you put a lot of thought into them; frankenstein and nightmare himself are among my favorites out of all of them

Junko what a lineup of characters.

Definitely Captain Blood

Jack hatter

Uh.. it looks like a lot of us are missing the brief as we have just been naming them!
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TinyCentaur wrote:
Similar to the "steal a character" game, but instead this one involves you actually telling why you like their character!
Besides, our children always need love and encouragement from others!
Talk about their design, personality, background, whatever you wish!
Only positive comments and useful critique here. Please aim to write at least a paragraph!
Also, sorry to restrict, but please only post here if you have more than 3 characters!


*Person one posts about the previous character and why they liked them.*
Person 2: My favourite character of person 1's is Moonstone! I love their colour scheme and their overall appearance, but I also like them because I'm a giant fan of Steven Universe!

*etc. etc.*

Aylssa Nicole Kennedy - She is a five foot, one hundred pound dark green-eyed beauty! Looks like there is a wild side to her too!

Stephen Harrison. Fabulous description and picture. Drives a great car. I love the overall character. His likes and dislikes. Keep up the impressive and outstanding work❤💕.

Captain Jacqueline Sparrow

Neo is quite an interesting character.

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