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I like Thea. Nobles who don't like being nobles and can't be bothered to uphold the etiquette of upper society are always entertaining to read about. She seems intriguing and like she'd get into a lot of mishaps. The music you added to her profile is very fitting as well!

I like Cecilia, she has such a unique way of being written in a sense of there’s no list you have the journal style information tidbit thing and I can just imagine London during the Romantic Era that is the early 1830’s and the atmosphere it can carry depending on if you view it similarly to Mary Shelley or view it or the way Charles Dicken’s did, very melancholic era and she fits it well

I do like the story and profile page layout for Catriona MaKenzie! The template design really accentuates the story behind the character and that story is quite well-written! I want to know more of this story and am off to read Wesley’s page!

Rolf Steiner. I love your knowledge of history. And using it in your roleplay. Great character description history. Love the picture. Keep up the impressive and outstanding creative work ❤💕.

Jacqueline Daniels, it's difficult to choose though.

Etta Velvetine! She has a lot of info on her personality, and I really like that!

How about Amaris Rae? Such a lovely outline! A small beauty who likes things clean!

steve harrison amazing character!

seo yeon

Elizabeth ray.

Definitely Warrior without Fear. They seem like they'd be a lot of fun to rp some of my Honorary Nightmares with.

Nightmare; great character and followers, though not much else to say because that’s the shortest I can make all my compliments.

Retribution awesome name.

Arcol wrote:
Nightmare; great character and followers, though not much else to say because that’s the shortest I can make all my compliments.
Thanks, although they're more "teammates" than followers. I did enjoy Thyrkeon a lot. Amazing backstory and great playstyle.

The demons of the Phobeimos Realm, or Realm of Nightmares, are demons that feed off their targets' worst fears. Each demon feeds from a different and unique fear. Most of the known ones are demons that feed from the Nightmares.

Daydream- Nightmare's demon, feeds on depression.
Swab- Switch's demon, feeds on impulsiveness
Defian- Dagroshank's demon, feeds on self-confidence
Audiopt- Mystic's demon, feeds on sensory issues
Chadwick- Megramo's demon, feeds on anger
Loat- Raptor's demon, feeds on self-loathing
Tren- Dumblederp's demon, feeds on anxiety
Dol- Experimentro's demon, feeds on grief
Levth- Slice's demon, feeds on loneliness.
Ytinas- Crazy Head's demon, feeds on insanity.
Bragrol- Hilt Master's demon, feeds on worriment.
Torkeman- Grasshopper's demon, feeds on restlessness
Rogmoroth- Cloak's demon, feeds on protectiveness
Ozokoch- Sir Couch's demon, feeds on passiveness
Vostrenon- Dragon Master's demon, feeds on thanatophobia
Zizgomoz- Blasphemy's demon, feeds on hidden pain
Ozedath- Jolenso's demon, feeds on silence
Azgorin- Tenso's demon, feeds on fear of not helping
Jazrarin- Spiritro's demon, feeds on losing control
Trornarad- Lord Loud's demon, feeds on spirit
Borkonas- Pinstrike's demon, feeds on dishonor
Thoglun- Steampunk's demon, feeds on amnesia
Vozokar- Boss' demon, feeds on disappointment
Mazros- Shadow's demon, feeds on love
Uren - The Eye's demon, feeds on insecurity
Dregrar- Cornstalk's demon, feeds on bullying effects
Izrethus- Starlight's demon, feeds on indecisiveness
Ugthamon- Cloud's demon, feeds on fear of authority
Bigthes- Tsunami's demon, feeds on timidness
Agramoth- Animalio's demon, feeds on impatience
Rogeth- Sumanos' demon, feeds on fear of being caught
Annemed- Dubstep's demon, feeds on fear of being recognized
Jokeloth- Enervo's demon, feeds on misjudgment
Muzgodan- Battery's demon, feeds on fear of not being loved
Kegronnath- Firework's demon, feeds on distrust of law enforcement
Allmeg- Guardian's demon, feeds on humility
Kogar- Oobleck's demon, feeds on fear of being tricked
Konnar- Grapevine's demon, feeds on abuse
Surgath- Gorgoyle's demon, feeds on being lost
Tarkerol- Pharaoh's demon, feeds on blackmail
Vonach- Dormentor's demon, feeds on overworking
Igdrallon- Power Adapter's demon, feeds on altruism
Salgramol- Thornbush's demon, feeds on trafficking effects
Xegremon- Hurricane's demon, feeds on PTSD
Olgag- Glacier's demon, feeds on softness
Dronolich- Volcano's demon, feeds on stress
Togdrakan- Abyss' demon, feeds on responsibility
Bozzaraan- Freakenstein's demon, feeds on family deprivation
Zorgremaz- Salem's demon, feeds on rape effects
Sugoroth- Rainbow's demon, feeds on inability to accomplish dreams

I love the intricacy you put into all of your characters. If I had the time to do this I would be so happy!

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