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I think Etta is cool! At first her red hair drew me in and then I read the info about her! She’s really cool and the fact she’s a spirit makes it a really interesting character!

Idk yet because she is a totally open book!

Rolf Steiner is an interesting character. I really wish that there was more people who felt brave enough to portray a soldier during WW2. I think that his story is tragic but it really makes him an influential character.

Ember Ophelia Trewan (en?), mainly because she reminds me of myself. Not that I'm an elf nor do I have red hair, but I do know what it's like to have a...less than understanding family.

Victorie Daniels ...

Why? ... well, chocolate eyes for one...

(Had to use the double post somehow)

ooh hoo hoo, I've gotta say Maurice Deuguerre.

I am such a sucker for historical characters, and his backstory is so interesting to me to see how much thought was put into him and how much depth he has.

Ooh ok this is like crazy hard, you’re characters are so lovely! Do I have to pick? Honestly my two favorite are Sila because one, she is set in the Harry Potter universe and well I’m just a huge potterhead, and two she’s so well set up and she seems so interesting! So fascinating. And my other favorite is Ira because I’m a sucker for circus performers and he seems mysterious in a sense. But seriously all of you’re characters are set up so well and all around lovely !

Agatha Eve Vienna ~ Love the backstory and the look! It kind of has me wanting to know more about her. and how she coped with her childhood. Would like to read one of her penned books!

Stuart geist. Another fabulous historical figure. Great description and profile. Love the pictures and history. Well done young man. Keep up the outstanding work.

Apocalypse Angel, it was fun reading her character, also best nickname ever! AK47 *****

Luki caught my interest, reminds me of me when I was younger. Well...minus the fairy part and the accidental reading of minds thing...but...did I mention I have a minor obsession with the fae? :3

The angelmaker. Cool poetic name. Love the template. The description likes and dislikes. Well done. Keep up the great work.

I think I stoped and offered Desiree Melissa Trudell a ride during a rainstorm. I paid her well and she took good care of my needs.

Alex York seems like a true American cowboy. Might have a little fun with him in the future.

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Forums > Forum Games > Favourite Character from the Person Above You