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Celebrimbor he seems like he'd be fun :)


Graham ^^

Miss Mavis... Love that faceclaim.

Braedan..I love the idea and so much detail! ^^

Lady Rosaline Starlight! I was just kinda drawn to her when looking through the characters and really liked the profile!

Phoenix is a classic, gotta love her! Now I don't know much about her seeing as I was only briefly part of an rp with her. But I love her over all design esthetic.

Freya's lineage and role as a diplomat are really interesting. I also like her deity alignment, and metallic eyes are always cool.

Jin, definitely. Unique concepts & wonderfully fleshed out without giving everything away.

Ramirez. I'm a big Melanie Martinez fan, and the way she was displayed as a character is just perfect.

Kiro sounds like such a sweetie you wanna spoil for his kindness! His ditzy behavior kinda reminds me of one of my own characters. Also love the quip about how he named his own cat.

Maxwell as I love white hair and the sheer amount of detail he has on his profile.

Ravona! such an interesting concept & the add of a theme was a really interesting addition to give a good vibe to listen too! (Plus I bet its a good way to listen to it to get into their headspace while writing as them) You gave such an awesome description of how she looks and how you built up the lore of her species and included it to mingle with her personality it was a really awesome way to build her up and the lore of the world she lives in :D

Gonna have to go with Nerissa here! She seems rather well fleshed out and I just love witches, Nerissa is an awesome looking witch at that!

Definitely Kyoya! I can say that he has definitely gone through a lot of development all in one rp haha and I absolutely love the character themes on his page!

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Forums > Forum Games > Favourite Character from the Person Above You