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Thank you for creating all this for us. Just wanted you to know how much we appreciate and cherish you.

*inhales* WE LOVE YOU KIM! <3

Thank you, Kim!

*le thumbs up* Whoo!

Thank you kim so much your an amazing person

Thank you for allowing this awesome site to exist!

Thank you Kim for giving me a place where all my anxieties calm down

Thank you Kim for all your hard work!!!

As always, thanks Kim! You always do your best to make this an incredible place and it doesn't go unnoticed!

Hooray for Kim and all she does to keep this wonderful place running!

Without Kim, we would all just be zombie characters lol thanks for all you're doing for us Kim 💖

Oh my goodness I burst into tears when I saw this. Thank you all so much. You have been indescribably wonderful through this ordeal. <3 <3 <3 :firefly-is-over: <3 <3 <3

We love you Kim thanks for staying up late to fix the site

I gave her a kudos. My first Kudos by the way.

Thanks for your attempts and efforts to right the wrong.

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Forums > Smalltalk > Appreciation day for kim