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She looked down at the cuffs on her hands before looking back up."let me get this straight. You want to take me on a date? Me, the human equivalent of a small scale disaster. I have to know..did you hit your head really hard on the way over?"

The half-elf shook his head, "And the answer is...not at all, not ever, and not in anyone's lifetime but especially mine."

"Yes, in a heartbeat... Oh wait, that's going to be a while," he laughed.

"well don't you move in fast?" she looked amused as she spoke. "id consider a date with you."

"Sure, sugardoll, I'd take you out." A cigarette dangles from between the woman's plump lips, little wisps of smoke twirling into the air from it's end. "It's always nice to spend some time with a pretty lady like yourself."

Servius laughs, "You have your issues, but so do I. I'd be willing to give this thing a go... Who knows, maybe you like walnuts too." Cracks a few in his hand and chucks the shell shards to the ground.

With a chuckle Chantal approaches the walnut toting man and without asking plucks one from his hand, toying with it while inspecting his features . "A date with the likes of you? With that pretty face it would be impossible for me to say no."

"Yeah, sure, I'll give it a go. No harm in seeing how it goes!"

"I, uh..." He pauses, looking a touch apprehensive. "I'd really like to. If she'd have me."

Looking down at her nails, Leticia gave a small shrug of her shoulders, "Sure. I've got time to kill." She lifted her gaze and looked at him sharply, "Don't expect too much from this."

Stands in awe at the beauty before him, taking a moment to say anything. "Aight, don' matter if she gets rabbity on 'e, I''s no big Cadbury Flake,' his one's waw'h killin faw! I' she'll give me 'he 'ime ov day."

"I'm going to be honest. Every date for me is a blind seriously. I can't see you. So..on the bright side. I judge by personality?" She said softly while hoping to god she was actually speaking to someone and not to thin air.

"Honestly, I wouldn't be opposed, but I have too much to deal with, I don't think it'd end well."

"Useful for a lot of things, but unfortunately a date for us is not what the fates have decided."

She brushed the messy locks of hair from her eye and smiled."dark and brooding type? Cute, I love getting shy people to open up."

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