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Forums > Art & Creativity > FREE Art raffle!!! (Closed)

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Sign me up also as well. I feel lucky. 😎

This is absolutely wonderful of you! ;o;

I'd love to enter, and thanks for the opportunity!

I would love to participate! Thank you for the chance!

this is neat, i'd like to join

I would love to join thank you! Your art is gorgeous!

Count me in if its still open please. Your art is BRILLIANT!!!

BEAUTIFUL Art! Count me in!


i'd love to join! <3 thank you for giving everyone this opportunity!

Come at me bruh!

Sorry for the update blip - had some technical difficulties with the internet yesterday.

EVERYONE - You got pretty much two days and one night before raffle closes.
I will be going through the list to make sure I got everyone and their times match up to designate their slot number.
But if YOU dont see your name up on the list please let me know.

If you tried to enter on a character account your entry was not counted. If you made that mistake, its not too late to try to hop on properly.

**and here I was thinking a week was too long, but i can see a few stragglers still trickling in ^^ happy to have you on boards on the art raffle train!


I'd like to enter, if that's ok.

*Derps into the distance*

Today is pretty much the last day~

This raffle closes tomorrow morning at 9 PST

So get your name on the list before its too laaaattee


I love your art, Mipps. Hopefully I can figure out that transition to digital art soon haha!


Raffle is now closed ~ standby for results


The WINNERS areeee:

1st winner #6 Danna(discord) 9/1/2019 9:02:00 AM

2nd winner #34 FrozenGhost (RPR) 9/1/2019 1:10:00 PM

3rd secret RPR winner #35 WandOfEternity (RPR)9/1/2019 1:30:00 PM (Spoiler alert, the Prize was BACON)

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Forums > Art & Creativity > FREE Art raffle!!! (Closed)