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Count Volkiahr

Vozhad Male No one can love you like a Vampire.

Zachary Wright

Anonymous Cisgender Male

Jessica Griffin

Anonymous Female A Starving Musician

Zhoralel Ishlio-audii

ToaNuva295 Male To the Ends of the Universe, or the Damnation of Us All

Abdessi of Karth

hannsthemanns Female A priestess gifted with a midas touch searches for the "Lion of Midnight", an ancient hero foretold to her in her dreams

Beatrice Strauss

hannsthemanns Female A bastard daughter takes up the king's sword, shouldering his burden of fulfilling 12 dangerous tasks in order to appease an angry god

Ariock of Caessia

hannsthemanns Male A grieving paladin breaks the seal of an enchanted weapon and vows retribution against the ones who killed his daughter

Ariella Sagewood

hannsthemanns Female An escaped slave inflicted with a mystical disease promises a dying spirit to plant his last flower in a forgotten promised land

Aoi Fleur Tenuem

Anonymous Female


Anonymous Male

Darrell Sanders

Rogue-Scribe Male The new album is out and selling well. Outskirts’s short tour of small clubs along the west coast was quite successful and five bigger shows are now booked.

Valeria Parker

Anonymous Female


Section Male A Void Mage who makes his own fate.


JetStorm Male The Pokemon Trainer

Fawn Leonore Davenport

Anonymous Female

Xenia van Helsing

Anonymous Female


SkinnyFrog Male A selfish frog with a big mouth.


Anonymous Agender


pacifiedwolfy Demigirl

Moonshine Zephyrine

Elisora Cisgender Female