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Anonymous Male

Aveline Mackandal

Anonymous Female Whoever Controls Information Controls the World

Carter Cupid

Nekomeanie Cisgender Man Viera healer, ex-primal

Mocha 'Francoeur' Sweets

Anonymous Pangender Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

Simeon Monticello

KingTai Male Just a man wanting to give back


Anonymous Male

Legacy of Sparda

Anonymous Unknown The host of the "Devil Never Cry: Legacy of Sparda" Roleplay.

vaporwav pico

killedtheradio Male Hello...?


killedtheradio Male Hot girl bummer? More like sad boy summer. Ayyyyy.

Morhaedo Treseder

Anonymous Cisgender Man A man who wants not to be found.

The Lioness

Aya Cisgender Female Ayla the Lioness


Hitsuzen Male


Taro_Nuke1 Agender A totally normal dead corpse... Or is it?


Robyn Female An Infernal Princess learning all she can before Coronation, weaving inbetween adventure and assassination alike.

Gerel Himaa

DragonSnake Male FFXIV-RP


Robyn Female A humble Human Handmaiden navigating life between fantastical races in the Capital.


Cami Female Testing for templates as made by Cami on RPR

Yarrow Farberos, PhD

Anonymous I'm a philosopher, with this heart


Anonymous Transgender Female Stripper at Misty's Ambrosia Club


VairaSmythe Cisgender Female A merfolk that swore to avenge her friend's death from a spectre by joining the Exorcist's Guild.