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Styles Portfolio

Sanne Sanne's portfolio page for custom RPR styles

Selena Night Shade

TalentlessNobody2022 Female Shoot first, ask later

April Barron

Pris_ Female A permanently bad tempered singer, who's career has been shadowed by a facsination with fire and burning.


Anonymous Cisgender Male Sole survivor of the Dark Elven-Draconic Throne.

Xailah Alptraum

Anonymous Cisgender Female She is like a cat in the dark, and then she is the darkness.

Ilakha of the Malqir

Samiakki Cisgender Female "There is a hint of faith in everyone. They just need to find it!"

xie lian

Anonymous Cisgender Male A god who wanted to save everyone, but only learned of the world’s cruelty.

Vilja Draken

chouu Cisgender Male Nobody expects an angel to set the world on fire... Do they?

Isla Wiley

jimmymcgill999 Cisgender Female Immortal she

Koa Sirius

chouu Cisgender Male "I was dead. I know I was... Yet here I am, standing in front of you and begging for your love."

Eric Fletcher

Anonymous Male

Vladimir Vikar

Anonymous Cisgender Man

Jack Archer

Ultra-Knight Cisgender Male "They say war never changes. Well, mine is just beginning."

The Stallions

Anonymous Male Ready & Bridled


Anonymous Female A girl with two souls running from a hunter and searching for others like herself or with knowledge of twin souls.

Dympna Brown

PrincessOfEels Gender Nonconforming A fiery waitress at day, thief living in luxury by night.


antipositive Cisgender Male