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I'm not new (obviously). I've been here for a hot minute, but I've been so inactive lately that I felt that I should make this topic. I feel bad for some of my RP (past and present) partners on here for disappearing so often without a word and being so bad at replying. So I'm making this to hopefully convince myself to finally get back in the game - and let people know that I still exist.

So... hi. Again (´。_。`) (Please message me with RP ideas so I can come back into the site more)
Nice to officially meet you, Ali. Normaly I'd post my typical welcome message for new/returning users, but I don't think I need to do that for you, since I see you welcoming others all the time as well.

I know how hard it is to stay motivated, even with stories you're enjoying. So I hope you're able to find your muse for writing again, and that you can get back to enjoying those stories soon.
Welcome back =)
Life happens - I hope you're able to get the old RPs going if you were still excited about those stories!
Welcome back. Congrats on existing; it's hard sometimes.
Welcome back to RPR 😊

Welcome back to RPR!
!!~Welcome back to rpr!~!!
Welcome back :D
Motivation can be hard, I can relate to trying to convince yourself, so I hope this will help you get more into the groove.
Best of luck and sometimes babysteps is fine, so dont feel bad. You are clearly trying different ways and that should say something!

I have definitely seen you about here and there but never got properly introduced! I tend to admire from afar because hella shy an' all that. But, it's nice to make your acquaintance finally! I hope you can be properly motivated to get back into RPR gear and be able to reconnect with your writing chums. I stay so incredibly busy that I find it difficult to keep the balance going, but thankfully I've found that this site and its inhabitants are typically an understanding lot.

So here's an official welcome back to you and a hope that you find your happy medium!
Welcome ❤️
Hello! Welcome to RPR!
Welcome back to the land of the living!
Hi again! You have been around these parts like... forever! Official welcome to you! :)

Welcome back ! And Happy New Years !
Welcome to RPR
Welcome back to RP Repository :)

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