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As you might be able to guess I’m new here. I’ve been roleplaying for quite a bit though, and just recently stumbled onto this place. It took a while for me to make an account because of outside forces, but I’m more than excited to see what this site has in store. I hope to meet a lot of friends and hopefully be a part of a lot of cool stories and role playing opportunities.

I guess a bit about what I’m looking forward to here. I’m big on sci-if, fantasy, action, and romance. I’m really in the mood for more of a Fantasy Romance at the moment. One of my biggest fandoms is Avatar: the last Airbender and I’d love to try out a scene or long term rp using that as a basis, but I am also open to new ideas and concepts.

Please feel free to drop me a message and pm me about any new role play opportunities. I look forward to meeting you all.
Good evening, welcome to RPR and glad you finally made it! Hope you get settled in and may your OCs find a loving home here!
Hello! Welcome to RP reposiitory! :)
Josey Topic Starter

BloodLightning74 wrote:
Good evening, welcome to RPR and glad you finally made it! Hope you get settled in and may your OCs find a loving home here!

Thank you! It’s good to finally be here. 😄
Hiya! Nice to meet ya and welcome to RPR! I also love Sci-fi and fantasy! :D
<3 Welcome to RPR! <3
I hope you'll enjoy it here and have a lot of fun!
Pretty much sounds like the stuff i do! also ATLA is just amazing, i love it so much
Hello there! Welcome to the RPR family! :D

Welcome to our friendly site!
Welcome to RPR, Josey!
Welcome! I'm sure you'll click with the right people that enjoy the same things as you. I know for a fact that Fantasy-Romance is a pretty popular genre combo lately.
Hello, welcome to RPR
It's always nice to meet other experienced roleplayers! Welcome to the site, hopefully you enjoy your time here. You're just in luck, ATLA is a very popular fandom; and as Phantom mentioned, fantasy and romance are both extremely popular genres around these parts! I tend to be partial to sci-fi, fantasy, and horror myself, can't say I care at all for romance- but hey, different strokes for different folks! That is the marvel of communities like these. I'm sure you'll be able to find something here that piques your interest in little to no time!
Hey welcome to the community of RPR!
Welcome to RPR 😊
Welcome to RP Repository, hope you'll enjoy your stay!
Welcome to RPR
Welcome! You've got a good start with Chanon and Ezekiel's profiles. Hope you find some awesome RPs here soon =)

Welcome, welcome! Whatever outside forces were keeping you at bay, I am glad you were able to tackle them and get in! RPR is a good site to call home for all your RP needs and it looks like you have your genres all picked out as well. Romance is a hot ticket around these parts so taking a look in the right places or posting an advertisement with you premise may lure in several potential writing chums for you!

If you have any questions about how to do anything, this is the right place -- we are a pretty tight-knit community and we work together to help each other. 😊

Also, I am a fandom role-player myself, but I'm more modern/slice-of-life type because I live for the mundane as my life is crazy enough. Hah hah...

I hope you have a good 'un out there!

Welcome to RPR! 💜

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