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*Breathes life back into this fun game*

I just really like Yu-Gi-Oh
My picture came from a love of anime, and my actual "Rin" character's eye color when controlled! The blue is for my favorite color.
My current pic is of pen, ink, parchment, and key to go along with my current username of Rogue Scribe. I an an annalist and historian of stories, people, and events and think they should be unlocked, recorded, preserved and told.
Trevor is part of a game I rebooted from 2007 and I needed to update his look. I wanted someone that could pass as both a musician and a mechanic in high school in the early 80s, so I went with Jason David Frank from his early years on Power Rangers, around the time he was the green and white rangers on MMPRs.
Phineas Phreak (played anonymously)

The profile pic I'm using is of Phineas Freak of Gilbert Shelton's late 1960's Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comic fame. He, along with his housemates Freewhelling Franklin and Fat Freddy, and an orange tabby tomcat simply called 'Fat Freddy's Cat' were a popular underground comic series on through the 70's, and sort of made appearances now and then through the 80's and 90's when Gilbert Shelton felt like writing another comic. Intrestingly, after ten years at an attempt at a claymation series, the Freak Brothers will be debuting an animated series this year. I have some reservations about it but will give it a watch.

I resurrected my character Phineas Phreak from my archives after the AMA with Agent Milkshake and the discussions on phone phreaking of the 60's and 70's. Phineas is a bit if aan anarchist and revolutionary in the parameters of the 60's & 70's with involvement with various underground entities of the day. He likely wouldn't have made an appearance here without that whole discussion tweaking some long dormant braincells and bringing back memories of the antics we got up to back in the day.
I don't know why I did a character. I guess the more appropriate and interesting one to address is my personal profile picture which is based on the neighborhood watch sign burglar (or one variation of him). I've always had an odd fixation with neighborhood watch signs in addition to stuff like telephones, elevators, traffic signals, trains, and other oddities I am attracted to.

I thought this image was appropriate for me for several reasons. It compliments my user name which originates from a character I created for a spy game back in high school, it suggests being mysterious, and I use this image to represent another character who is a nemesis of Agent Milkshake's, "The Pentagon Pimp."
(For future context: At the time of posting this, the icon is the “face” of a purple crochet worm with a pair of googly eyes.)

My mom made us a bunch of these cute and goofy looking crochet “bookworm” bookmarks, and this is the one she made me. I called him Froobsky!

I ended up losing him at work, but he will always be in my heart—
lmao, i love that fishyfrisk!! he's so cute!!

my profile picture is a doodle of my main fursona (i have two) that i did for pride 2020 ^_^ i generally do a fursona pride picture every year.

He is very large, very old and very blind. I love him dearly, and have since he was a jellybean.

This icon in particular was drawn by the fantastic SailorJubs and I highly recommend giving her a look!
Found this picture made by kingknife on deviantArt one day. It looks insanely like me, even the hair (even moreso now that I haven't dyed it all year, thanks corona), so I decided to make it into my RPR icon. It was titled '90s' Goth', which... yeah, accurate.

After that I just added the tv static with

90's Goth!? Dear Gods! I've been a Goth since I was seventeen. LOL

My profile is a 3D representation of me. Why? Why bloody not.

It's a screenshot from this music video

with a red filter slapped over it so it matches my background color
WinterBlackDraoi wrote:
90's Goth!? Dear Gods! I've been a Goth since I was seventeen. LOL

My profile is a 3D representation of me. Why? Why bloody not.

Just sneaking back in to loudly thumbs-up at any and all Sisters of Mercy gracing my dashboard feed, and leaving again. As one does!
My profile image is a castle I rendered in 3D. It’s an early project. Simple. In some ways, its the symbolic home of my characters. Maybe the modern era and even sci-fi characters could trace their ancestry back in some way to the kingdom of this castle. It’s a cool way to mark my first fantasy genre writing, as I’ve written other genres on different websites for quite some time.
My profile picture is Flower, a vocaloid mascot for the V Flower voicebank. I guess I just really like vocaloid, and I love how powerful Flower’s voice sounds. Also, she looks fabulous, so there’s that too.
Kim Site Admin

I did my nails to match my lipstick and was super proud of myself.
I usually keep changing my pfp. But currently I'm into Miraculous Ladybug.
When role-playing and as a DM I roll for the bad guys...


Let's see then... it's your turn...
The first art I commissioned from my first online partner at the time. The commission was for my Mandalorian Bounty Hunter, Indisha Teneau using the alias, Ebony Rose. This is the rough render which I actually preferred giving her a softer look. I'm currently using the rougher render for my character Ciel Durand. The commission was based off the Lebanese actress and singer Waifa Wehbe.
It’s really just the Assassins Creed Unity Glitch. Single greatest form of comedy to me, I can’t help but smile when I see it.

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