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A'sallit (played by hexblading)

Sitting pretty on an embroidered chair, A'sallit finished his cup of chai and listened in on the conversation with a flick of a tufted ear. Slit pupils watched the group as they fought over practically nothing; a laughable concept, for all the concept of nobility and heroism, the Asgardian in the cape refused to live and let live. After all, the demon wasn't harming anyone but the Asgardian's pride.

A mess, really, and thankfully not his mess. What made his ears perk up, however was--

"Five? Shouldn't you be somewhere else, now? Cloning may have its advancements, but you're still too young to be... fraternizing."
Raven glares at A'sallit. "you'd beeter watch it. you never know, i might give in to the childish urge to have a tantrum and wipe you off the face of the earth." she says sarcastically.
Mindi Akers (played anonymously)

“Anybody who likes helping others is someone I can be friends with!”
Indra (played by Sabaton_AllTheWay)

“Oh, hell no. This ain’t really fair, but Siege has my loyalty, and until you give yours to her, I’m not bothering with you.” Pass
Helianthus fell silent with a certain sense of unease. Hours they had watched this game—these people—go back and forth, and they were still unsure as to what to do when their turn arrived. They were taunting their choice above their head. They were hesitant to give it.

Feeling tangled in their own mess, Helianthus rested their hands upon the sides of their face. A tight frown creased their lips. They wished to please the feline before them, yet they had understood her devotion to another being.

They noticed, upon further inspection and slimmed eyes, that she was consumed with an aura of pure violence. Bloodshed. Something ignited beneath the Goddex’s eyes. Such a fury might have been intimidating if they weren’t such a light-hearted being. They removed their focus from her, their eyes moving on to something far in the distance.

“I refuse to befriend anyone who has the liking for violent tendencies. I shall have to pass. My sincerest apologies.”
“Friend, I’d like to get to know a deity.”
Aiden Skylar (played by danmanmun)

"Friends, you can never have enough friends."
Zinnia (played by TheLorekeeper)

"I'll have to pass. A date is clearly out of the question and I don't think we have enough in common to be good friends, either."
Erroll (played by stalkati)

"Let's be friends. Someone like you is always good company."
Uriel Yaroslav (played by _Apollo_)

Uriel took a moment to study the elf in front of him; "Pass."
Blinking a bit before ducking his head as he mumbled softly unable to make eye contact with the vampire. "Date..."
“…If you’ve found someone, then I pass, and either way…I would’ve done that.”
Agent (played by Taro_Nuke1)

"Hm... Possibly i'd date ya since we both like stabbing people. I just surely don't really mind that."
Zekire (played by fiesch)

"This one will have to pass, do find someone suitable for yourself." The odd creature would back away bowing low with one long arm across his torso.
Nathan Noble (played by danmanmun)

He sat there for a long moment blinking before the person next to him whispered something to him. He finally looking up with his blind hazel eyes speaking with a soft Irish accent. "Oh, is he in front of me?" He smiling as he thought a moment listening to something someone whispered in his ear. "Oh...a demon? I will have to pass!"
“You? One of those Irelanders moving to America? Pass; because you Americans are all the same.”
"hmmm yeah i'm not sure about you i guess we could be friends your personality may drive people insane but whatever not like i really care"
Kioshi (played by Reithesniper)

"I like him, he's pretty chill I guess?" Befriend

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