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I found the idea for this forum game from a simple google search.I found the idea here. I thought it would be fun to bring it to the RPR.

In this game, the person posting must select from two options what they fear more, and then give two options for the person below to choose from.

It doesn't have to just be things, it can also be situations.

Here are the first options. Do you fear Spiders or Deadpool more?

Bees or Children?
Children, tbh... germy little thigns xAx

Wasps / Hornets or Tornadoes?
Wasps. Aghh.

Walking alone at night or taking an Uber alone at night?
walking alone! The night is scary.

Needles or earthquakes?
So Cal girl here. Earthquakes all the way.

Heights or cars crashes?
Car crashes. Was nearly involved in one before, definitely not going to repeat that again.

Snakes or rickets?
I will say snakes since they can bite and some are venomous.

Millipedes or Centipedes?
neither tbh we have a bunch in the garden ...

elevator or lift?? (i hate elevators)

I would say lift they are scary when people who you don't know are inside.

Getting killed by a wolf or a panther?
Wolf (I think death by panther would be quicker?)

1 horse-sized chicken or 100 chicken-sized horses
I choose one horse sized Chicken...that's basically a velociraptor >_<, besides 100 chicken sized horses would be kind of cute.

A Great White Shark or a Crocodile.
Great White Shark

Clowns or Vampires

Dying or being in pain?

Love or Being Hated?
Being hated.

I’m quite the pacifist and I really don’t like confrontation. I’d rather let the person be than try to address the problem. Which is why if ever I confront anyone, that just means that the person means a lot to me. Because if I didn’t care a lot about you, I’ll just keep quiet.

Which do you fear more, losing your wallet or losing your smartphone?
Losing my wallet. My phone can be easily replaced, pictures are backed up on the cloud...But I'd be pretty much lost without the contents of my wallet. Lots of important things in there that I need daily!

Which do you fear more....being told "we need to talk" by a boss or by a loved one?
Ah by a loved one... the last time I heard that he broke up with me with a text mssg ...

What is scarier... getting yelled at by mom or getting yelled at by dad? (o.o or if you have two moms, two dads, single parent, guardian, parent figure... they all work out too)
Honestly getting yelled at dad.... I don't like seeing his bad side.

The dark or the light?

hmm that depends i like the dark because it reminds me of the fantasy creatures and keeps my dreams alive about shapeshifter , vampires and so on and so fourth

light makes me happy as well as night as i can go out with my friends when i wish to.

((linked in with twilight lol > also who knew theres a new twilight 6 coming out in cinimars next year called midnight sun??))

shapeshifter or vampire? which would you be and why?

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