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Hey there frens! My name is AngelBirdo, but you can call me Harper! I've actually had an account on this site for a while, but I've posted in the forums... once and it was totally unrelated to roleplay, if I remember correctly. But! I'm here!

So I'm 17! I turn 18 in May of 2022! I use she/they pronouns with no preference, and have a wonderful girlfriend I've been with since Christmas of 2020.

What is your favorite kind of RP?
Fantasy, romance, slice of life RPs! I love making characters with people (preferably, usually set in my worldbuilding projects, not because I'm selfish, but because I mentally berate myself for not being productive if I'm not working on my own writing or doing school work. I'm not disinterested, I'm just anxious and have a very limited attention span.) and talking about them! Drawing them, sharing headcanons (that we like so much and are immediately made canon), etc.! I want to be friends with my RP buddies <3

What do you hope to find here?
Friends! Fellow RPers, people who want to talk to me about my characters and such. As above, I wanna be frens with my RP buddies <3

How long have you been RPing?
About 4 years? But I've been writing for six! My only really long RPs have been with my close friend who goes by the name Innocentius on Discord, but we haven't done anything in a while.

Do you have any pets?
I have 11 cats and 2 dogs-- Bebop is the only cat I take pictures of, though! You can find a google drive folder of her here! She's very littol and babey <3

What's your favorite subject in school?
Highschool is the bane of my existence. As a neurodivergent who doesn't get the help she needs, I despise public schooling. If I could legally drop out, I would, but in Ohio, you can't until you're 18.

What do you do for a living?
Me want write >: D
I just,,,, wanna write novels! I don't wanna be JK Rowling famous, I just want to live comfortably. I don't wanna have to worry about buying this ramen and trying to figure out if I can afford rent if I buy it, I just. want to be comfortable.

What are your hopes and dreams?
I want to one day be a published author!! I have a few different books I want to draft, all in the same universe: Ardor! Which I'll be making a page for here soon >: D

Other Stuff
-I use rat, bean, and babey all to refer as different things, but they can all refer to my characters. Rat doubles as affectionate/derogatory depending on the context, bean and babey are affectionate. I do this as a form of age regression, to cope with real life traumas. If it bothers you, I understand, but I physically cannot stop myself. I can be serious, I can be mature, I just need to cope with real life one way or another.
-I have ADHD so I may see something of yours and forget to reply, start typing and get distracted, etc. most people I know don't care if I take a while to reply, but I do, so please say something to me if I disappear randomly for a day or two. It does us both a favor (assuming you actually enjoy my presence sdfhjjdsfh)
- DazzlingDragon is stinky <3 go love her
-Have a funky little rat girl!! Look at her go, proudly!!
Hello welcome would you want to roleplay some time when you get used to everything?
Welcome (back) to RPR,
I see I've been summoned. Hi Harpi! About time you crept out of the shadows and said hello :3c
Welcome welcome, if just to being active here. ~v^ Have all the funs!

ALSO OMG THAT RATTTT!!!!!! CYOOT!!!!!!! gotta patpatpat the ratratrat <3 <3 <3
Welcome!! Anything you need, you can talk to me
Welcome Harper! Romantic slice of life for the win! Hope you enjoy this site! It has everything!
hello and WELCOME TO RPR!!!!<3<3<3<3
Hello! Welcome to RPR! Hope you enjoy your time here. :)
AngelBirdo Topic Starter

DazzlingDragon wrote:
I see I've been summoned. Hi Harpi! About time you crept out of the shadows and said hello :3c

Yem yem!! I'm here and very queer >: DDD
Welcome! <3
And wow, 11 cats? That must be crazy!
Hello, and welcome to RPR!

I hope you enjoy your stay here. To help you out, I've compiled a list of some useful links to get you started. Don't worry, you can take your time and browse them at your own convenience.
Forum Rules
This should be your first step. Make sure you know the rules of what things are and aren't allowed. They're pretty simple to follow and are there to make sure everyone has the best time possible.

New to Roleplay?
This will explain what roleplay is, and some of the basics to help you understand it better.

Getting started
Explains what RPR is, how to create a character, and how to find an RP to join.

Character Creation Guide
This goes into more depth on how to create and edit a character profile.

Creating Kickbutt Character Profiles
This will give you tips on how to spice up your character profiles to attract more potential RP partners.

Find RP
If you already have a character created, this is where you can go to seek out an RP to join in.

Looking for RP
If you have an idea for your own RP and want to find someone to join it, this is the place to post. Try to add as much information as possible so your potential RP partners know exactly what you're looking for.

Help Database
There are plenty of other very helpful articles here that I didn't link. When you have time, have a browse through it to see if there's something else you think might be of use to you.
If you have any questions about anything, don't hesitate to ask! Everyone here is very friendly and will help as much as possible, so don't be shy! I hope you have a wonderful time here and find tons of amazing people to create awesome stories with. :)
Hey hey! Welcome to RPR! I'm so glad you decided to take a look at this community again :) I love the way you think with making characters with other people haha, it's so much fun
If you ever want to talk or roleplay, just hit me up! Have fun! :D
Greeting, we bid you welcome here... I am certain not only you will find great partners but also capital friends too.
Hey hey there, welcome to RPR! :) I hope that you have a lovely time on the site. :) That's amazing! Thanks for your cool introduction! :D If you wanna make friends still, maybe we can message some time or something. <3 That's awesome you have a cat named Bebop, by the way, is it named after like the musical tune thing of a bebop, or is it named after...... >.> SUPAIKU SUPIIGERU?! I mean, the Cowboy Bebop ship. Hehehe.
Uhh, I'm Shinyrainbowlithogra, I like books and animals and plants and, lately at least, Kpop. I'm a long-time fan of King Arthur, Norse mythology, and Vocaloid! :D I used to dislike rap but I love it sometimes these days. I really like sappy and cute comedy romance shows, especially Chinese ones. Cough, Word of Honor. :) I go by Shiny so if you wanna call me that you can. I'm a tea and coffe drinker but I prefer tea mostly. If you like it, or are interested in it, there's a great tea club on here. I mean there are probably several, I'm in a few, but if you wanna see a real expert just go stalk AJ.
Hehe, kidding. >.> >.> <.< :D :P

Anyway, I like your rat drawing! That's cute! I struggle with age regression techniques myself but I guess it's cool that you use 'em, I mean, it makes things fun especially if you mix it with a great vocabulary and then just point at a cute person and go "lookit that rat!" hehehehehe.

That's it from me for now, thanks for coming to my- I mean thanks for inviting- ThaNks Ted Talk

~ Shinyrainbowlithogra <3 :) <3 :) <3 <3 <3 :3 ;D :D <3 <3 <3 <3 ;3 <3 :D :D :D :D :I :) :) :) :P :D :D :D :P :O :D ;D XD XD :)
Welcome back to RPR!

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