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Hayato Kawajiri (played anonymously)

The rules are simple, just give an insult to the character above you. Be sure to READ. THE. RULES.

1.) No racial slurs, please.

2.) Swearing and mild sexual innuendos are allowed but please for the most part keep it family-friendly.

That about sums it up. Have fun!
You smell like old dryer lint!
Dorothy Parsons (played by Juls)

(OOC: I'm going to pick on Yaazecsus.)

"Luddy mussy! Ya could back a buzzard off a meat wagon...."
"Pfffft, a chick with a gun? Do you actually know how to use that thing? Set the gun down so you don't embarrass yourself."
Weak... Weak and boring... You've never seen a second of real glory in your miserable life...!
"Hahahahah! Your crown is made of fool's gold! You call yourself a queen, and you can't even afford real gold? That's just sad. I almost feel bad for you, doll."
Dean Winchester (played anonymously)

"Your days are numbered, demon," Dean smirked. "You got me on your tail and no one around to hear your whiney, edgelord crap. Get ready. A storm is comin'."

[Dang, someone thinks highly of themselves. *coughDeancough*]
John Robert Marron (played by Juls)

"Dean Winchester? Never heard of her."
“What is that awful smell? It’s like a rotting pig made love to a pile of manure.” Ruslan says as he grips his nose between his fingers.
John Watson (played by Atheist)

"Like you have room to talk, ol' boy," John said jovially. He didn't intend to sound particularly demeaning, but it was part of the game after all.

"So says the fellow who looks like someone from an era where people had to cry out 'look out below' three times before pitching their excrement out the window!"
Jaxamir Harlo (played anonymously)

Good story, but in what chapter do you shut up?
Amber (played by Dib2435)

" Humanity isn't going too well Dragon boi. " Amber said with a soft smirk on her face " Dragons should stay in storybooks, not in real life. Unless you are trying to be like Frankie the Dino, then get lost "
Akashi (played by randomentity777)

"Nya, you have terrible fashion sense. For the low low price of 800 gems, Akashi can get you some better outfits, although some of them are tailored for girls more generously proportioned than you, nya."
Zoey Robinson (played by Dib2435)

" Saying the one who is nuts over coins and gems. I wouldn't trust you with my family time machines because of that "
Postal Dude- Goin' Postal (played by MangoNekros)

"You don't even have a face and your spelling is horrible. I smoke crack for a living and even I can spell properly" he said. "What kind of family name is the Robinsons, anyway?"
Alice Smith (played by ShadowFlame2022)

"Are you such the Crack hasn't already damaged your brain?" She asked sarcastically.
"It'd be easy to insult someone such as yourself as you cops are the ones who put me in this position anyway," Reverie growled, implying to the fact that he had been shot in the head and killed, not by a cop, but the whole thing about practically tying him in a chair in a straightjacket was their fault and he hated them for it. "All you're good for is making people suffer more than they already do."

((Also, I myself have nothing against cops. Just saying that so no one thinks that it's me talkin' through him))
Sybil Petrovic (played by maxd234)

“Not a very good immortal or criminal if you are getting caught and killed by the cops, maybe be a hermit in the mountains and ponder about the universe, you’ll live longer” as she winks and smirks
Zamma (played by Dib2435)

" For someone who is evil and a Lord. You don't seem to powerful. My family and whole entire species is probably more powerful than you "
Haleth (played anonymously)

Your character likes to help people.

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