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Evena (played by Wrensul)

“A little bit of static electricity gets into someone’s pocket lint and now it thinks it has important things to do. So sure of itself! Look at this lump of fuzz.”

. . .
“Maybe it’s sort of sweet, though.”

“Uff! I mean—! Not good for anything more than starting a dryer fire!”
She laughed a sarcastic one as she got down to their height, resting her head in the palm of her left hand. "Aww, that's a cute one hun, but I'll do you a favor and go easy just by saying to leave the insults to the adults wh know how to do them." Raleigh then lightly patted their head and waved them off.
" are...ummm....." Fumizuki whimpers. "I-I'm sorry, I can't do it. I don't want to say anything mean about anyone." She hides behind Raleigh protectively. "Your eyebrows do look kinda funny though."
Virgil Sanders (played by Alidal)

"You're adorable and sweet and cute! It's sickening.
"I can feel my teeth falling out and my brain cells dying by the second."
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight)

The beast stares long and hard for a moment then grins.
“My dear you are an absolute joy to be around. Just knowing a creature such as you exists pleases me to no end! You are a blessing you everyone you come across.”

Completely straight-faced the whole time. Having deemed that negative words would be a compliment to this thing.
(Count Anastasio)

The old noble raised his gelid eyes on Yaaz, looking about as impressed with the extravagant chimera as he would be if a moth had been found fluttering around one of his prized antique satin curtains at the window of the Aliprandi mansion.

"Excuse me, why are you even in my presence?" His crisp voice had a faintly threatening echo to it. "Nonsensical hodge-podge mix of genes, likely the project of some unlicensed tinkering - your lot belongs in an experimental lab, not in society, and much less in high society.. Shall you remove yourself from my presence or I must call on the security to do so?"
"What kind of backwards age are you from?" spat the man. "Noble bloodlines? Forced marriages? Tryna frame your own granddaughter as unstable? Ho-lee-hell! Good luck surviving in the modern world, ya old twit! Once social services finds out about this, they goin' take you to an old folks' home real fast!"
Answer me this, Anastasio: Why do you hold so much more money than you can ever use? Just to numb the pain of a boring, overly-formal lifestyle?
Doctor Leon (played by Moonen)

Clover De Leon looked at the man with a lidded gaze, staring through his thick eyelashes with an unimpressed expression. His voice was thick with a French accent. “You have the absolute brain of a walnut. I bet I could name all the symptoms for a cold and you would call it a rash or something like that. People like you annoy me the most.”
"... yeah, because he's not actually a doctor? I mean, why he should know medical symptoms? It's his son, uncle Charles, who is the surgeon..." Somehow, the masked fox-woman's defense of her Clan's slighted honor didn't sound ALL that convincing.

"Anyway! You are a... uh... arrogant and disrespectful person to talk in such patronizing way to a... respectable member of aristocracy who... also happens to be a not-so-mentally sound old man - Badzooka don't make me laugh when I'm trying to sound serious, I warn ya!" the glare extended at Damien since he had been the first to bring up Count Anastasio's age. Or was it just an attempt to not break out in laughs for real at the absolutely priceless roastings the old Count was receiving?
Sairsk Akkyo (played anonymously)

"I really don't wanna insult you, but your tail is kinda on fire, and it's been that way for a bit, I'm suprised at your reaction time, Ig?"
"... for crying. Out. Loud." The old scientist snapped shut the book on which he had been poring. "Of all the nonsensical things to bother me with?! FOR ONE the perseverance of soul has not even been PROVED, so spirits, demons and all that tomfoolery is nothing else but a total hoax. SECOND, movies industry does WAY more convincing special effects. Can someone turn off the projector now, PLEASE? I have work to do!"
Tera Aeternae (played by Sorrisky)

Tera took in the scientist's words calmly, giving them a slight nod of disapproval as the only indication they were not keen to agree. "So quick to base things around conspicuous evidence of science. I can..."Voice tapering off for a moment to gather thoughts, a low frown crept to add another disconcerting line on the already mangled face. "I find that you are a blindspot that weakens discovery. So quick to shoot things away as fallacies because your mind cannot understand the unknown. Work on it or descend further into ignorance." The words dripped with venomous hostility, a turn of back now matching with the obvious disgust of Leonard currently.
"Well well well well well WELL", Burt's lips curled to reveal the sharp canines in a toothy grin that was anything but reassuring. "IF this isn't the wannabe doctor-friend of a certain smelly kebab boy!"

His eyes glowered at Tera, fists balled.... but, luckily, his claws were still sheated. For now. "Think your little disappearing act was that smart, huh? Well, buster, bad news for you, I recognize your stink from a mile afar!" A low snarl began to echo in his voice, like a car's engine that had seen better days. "Y'know, it's not that I despise ya for sticking up to your homie - that's legit - I just happen to really really like MAULING dumb box-brain doctor guys like ya."

"There's just one thing I like more, and it's mauling frauds who PROMISE ME DRINKS and then get lost." Claws darted out, threateningly so. "WHERE'S MY BEER BOOT, YOU SCAMMER?!"
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight)

“Look at the adorable teddy bear”
Zubairad (played by hexblading)

"You're quite the interesting concept, aren't you? Why present yourself as a questing beast, I wonder? If no one had any use for something like you to go provide for what they need, would you suffocate and crumble into the wind? Do you pride yourself as a solution to the problems of others because you can't find any worth in yourself otherwise? I ask this with all due respect, of course."
Brucus (played by Libertine)

A derisive up-and-down glower. "Two-thousand years old and what do you have to show for it?" Then folded arms, to complete The Look. "Just that you are an arsehole."
M__EE (played by No1RatedSalesman1997)

"N0W LISTEN HERE YOU [Little Sponge]!! ! I D0N>T KNOW WHAT THAT [ZiggyZagZag] L1NE IS ON YOUR CHE3K , BUT IT MAKES YOU L00K PR3TTY [Clowning Around Town]! ! " -- Spamton
Andronicus (played by Libertine)

"What? What?! Man I cannot understand anything you are saying, please stop talking, forever."

(Oh my goddd your character is hysterical, the profile is 10/10)
Eric Gwàiwù (played by Dib2435)

" Saying the guy who horns who are to big for their head "

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