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This is so nice! I'd love to join the list of entrants.

*raises hand* i would love to be entered in :>!

This is very kind of you, I'd like to join please :)

Why does a chicken coop only have 2 doors? ...Because if it had anymore it'd be a chicken sedan.

Please count me in!

I'd love to be added to your list of participants. I'd love to see the finished work whether its mine or not!

Your art is awesome!


Wow! What amazing art!! Thank you for the raffle and a chance to win something soooo nicely painted!! <33

This is a really heckin' amazing thing you're doing to volunteer so much effort for an art raffle! I hope you get lots of commissions based on this, I know I'm eyein' that comm info for tax time :^)

This is dope! Sign me up, Scotty! :D

I have been loving the comments, memes and Jokes. they have been making me giggle ^^
Thank you so much for the love.
Its day 2 and this has already been quite the treat.

Speaking of treats, I might add in something special. shhh its a secret <3

Heck yeah, I'm glad this is going so well for you! I hope it's a good promotion.

I'd love to enter as well. :)

Yoooooo! Been watching you on DA for a while (watched you after chatting with you on furc) and I would LOVE to enter! Your art is dope!

I would love to enter! So amazing of you! Best of luck to all!

Omg, your art is so gorgeous! Sign me up too! 🖤

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Forums > Art & Creativity > FREE Art raffle!!! (Closed)