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I took this a couple of years ago. Definitely Ravenclaw all the way. ♡ Can't remember my patronus, however.

I used to be a Ravenclaw when I first got into the Harry Potter books – which was pretty young – but as I've gotten older, I've leaned more and more into Slytherin, and I've gotta say, I'm pretty comfortable there.

As much as I admire wit, my mom's one of those people who fights for the best deal and feigns ignorance to get out of parking tickets, and I think she's rubbed off on me a bit. I think we have a bit of a different oriented moral compass, but she's always encouraged me to do my best and shoot the highest I can, knowing it's better to try and fail than not try at all.

Mercyinreach wrote:
I could say that if the sorting hat was on my head, I'd either be sorted into Gryffindor because of my outward actions, or Slytherin because of my inward desires and such.

No matter what a person's outward actions are, the sorting hat, officially, can see everything; there's nothing anyone can hide from it. You can obviously keep calling yourself both, because that honestly sounds awesome, but I'd say the sorting hat would probably delcare you a Slytherin :)

I am a Ravenclaw! :>



Well, we're four pages in and I can honestly say I'm quite surprised by how many Ravenclaws there are on RPR! It's nice to meet you, fellow housemates! But at the time of this comment, I also want to point out that Gryffindors are the lowest ranking Hogwarts House in terms of numbers! That's really surprised me. So, why don't we add a little game to this forum?

Every ten pages, the House with the most 'members' wins the House Cup! Well, an imaginary one, I can't give you the real one. Still, let's see where this goes. I'll post the results so far so you can see where everyone stands in 'House Points'.

(This is including the people who say they're 50% Gryffindor, 50% Slytherin, etc. They simply add a 0.5 to the score, and I'm including myself in the total Ravenclaw numbers.)


Nine Members

Eleven Members


Thirteen Members


Fifteen Members

So far, Slytherin is in the lead, with Ravenclaw close behind! Who going to win the first House Cup? Find out at the end of page 10! Having a lot of fun with this forum guys, thanks to everyone whose gotten involved so far, I look forward to seeing where more of you are sorted!

Another Ravenclaw here! Surprised I haven't told you this before, considering how much we've talked about Harry Potter! But this is a very fun little game you've got going here, I hope we win the Cup!

Proud Slytherin here! Though literally everyone else in my fam is a Hufflepuff haha!

Slytherin here.

My husband, however, is Ravenclaw and both my best friends are Hufflepuff.

Slytherin/Ravenclaw 💚💙
Result varies from time to time

50% Gryffindor and 50% Hufflepuff.

I used to be a Ravenclaw when I first took the test. Second time around, I decided to take it at least five times to make sure I was in the right house. ...Then five more times because it separated me into three houses evenly.

Ultimately, it decided that I'm a Hufflepuff, and I'm proud of that fact. (Slytherin and Ravenclaw tied for second place, though. Odd.)

Proud Ravenclaw here.

Ravenclaw all the way.

It depends , Although I mostly lean towards Slytherin , I do sometimes get Gryffindor as well , so its sort of a mix.

I've just retaken the quiz for fun and it's now saying I'm Slytherin.
So I guess I'm 50% Ravenclaw, and 50% Slytherin now... ^^;

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