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Make Sure To Submit Your Collaborative OC Ideas!

Posted by Kim on August 14, 2022, 9:00am

There's still a week left to submit your ideas to collaborative OC threads!

Be on the lookout for topics on the RP Discussion board with titles that begin with "Collaborative OC." Check out the basic traits the OP is looking for, and then feel free to offer as many ideas as you want -- they can be about appearance, personality, quirks, backstory, costume, whatever you think would help flesh out the character!

In this event, you may build on the ideas that other posters have already added to a thread. But, if you have a totally conflicting idea, that's okay too. You don't even have to agree with your own ideas, if you have multiple potential versions that the OP should consider.
Every potentially useful idea you post in someone else's collaborative OC topic will enter you into a raffle for more RPR character slots.
The last day to get ideas in is the 21st! On the 22nd, the OPs have to start creating their characters using their favorite offered ideas. :)

Let's get brainstorming!