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Clyde seems pretty cool
Probably gonna go with Luna.
Maliata for sure!! Love tieflings!
slice and water warriors, the background stories of them are very cool

I'll just steal Anne Peron , She's detailed, nice, and mostly, detailed.
I'm stealing Agatha Rights cause I just love the quote/motto on her page.
What medicines do not heal, the lance will. What the lance does not heal, fire will.

She sounds like a no-nonsense badass!
Dorothy her profile picture makes her look like a very cool character and when I read her profile she was! I also like how’s she is written!
Stealing Liliath because wholesome characters are wholesome
Snatching Caraway as bouncing between dimensions is a fun concept
Taking Fuyu because why not?
My! You have a lot of characters! I’ll steal Gladiolus because he’s cute!
(Sorry I only have one character to steal right now)
I think I'll swipe Kerrie-Ann!
Hmm, it would have to be Toxic Ryuu I think because I can empathize with a character afraid of being with someone you're worried everyone would be disapproving of. I also like that he has a poisonous bite! I once had an original character similar in that regard so it has a soft spot for me. Plus I am a fan of the way you set up your page for him. The template is a very good choice! :)
Wilson has a pretty cool vibe!!!
Oh hey, I've seen Sentinel a lot in the forums! I think I'll snatch him, if you don't mind!
Hello my dear best friend, I'm stealing Ollie since he's great, and anyway I came up with a lot of his info =-)
Miko a demon child sounds cool!
I think I'd take Anne! I feel like I could have some fun playing her.
Arle Nadja, because she is a powerhouse! 🤘

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