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Ezra Bridger,

by the power of Star Wars I'm going to steal him, may the force be with you.

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Luns, because her name reminds me of a character with the same name I loved. And not my own character
Your Wandering Mary is mine
Nightstorm Gemstone please! She is beautiful.
I'll be taking Galiena Reyns, thank you very much. She's gorgeous!
Steals Kai.
Cassi is mine now, thank you for this gift
Turah! I have a pegasus myself hidden among my very few original characters. I have always been a fan of winged horses for as long as I can remember. ✨
Moriarty! We can plan stuff together over a dram of 30 Year Old Vintage Teeling, Reserve Single Malt Whiskey :)
... you should know the reason...
Darth Dragan
sounds like Darth Dragon, which is hilarious
also a lot of people like Wandering Mary... also taking her back.
*steals mary* “mine now mine!!!!” *runs for it*
Hellfire, because I'm biased towards demons.
*casually strolls, steals Mixie and runs away* Hehehehehe!
Sylvanus Tadala, nice tagline and name.
"Give me back Mary!" runs after Starwolf
"this tank is now mine." steals Stridsvagn 103 and runs.
Nick Macalester

*Steals and runs*
End, another dragon for me :)

"Give me the tank back! The S-tank requires special care."
If you don't mind I will be taking Dust, Thanks
Miss Ella Gold, please!
*Casually sneaks in, grabs Fred Linch and runs for it* Mwahahahahaha!

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