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Gavros Gorefur
interesting tagline

Also give me back Dust child, it is for your own good

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Wanderer's Den

Seems cool!
Alice Smith

She's beautiful!!
I'll snatch Ivory from ya
_Apollo_ wrote:
I'll snatch Ivory from ya
I’ll steal pip UvU
*kidnaps Macy*
Taking the GM

Also it is amazing how you managed to take an ENTIRE CAVE SYSTEM, but I'll be having to take it back
Nabbing Dark and Void
Hand over U-110, I want the sharky *grabby hands*
I'll be taking Zerachiel Agnes! He's just so adorableee gimme gimme! *Grabby hands*
im taking lillith she pretty and shes nice. gib now.
Akuji Diamond is mine now, it works with my characters way too well
GIVE DARK BACK, you can keep Void, you'll die but hey, I don't care
I'm stealing Chippy! I'll see if I can sneak away with pumpo too.
Rook is really cool! Ranger with the company eh? I could imagine my character Guinevere Scarlet working well with her.
Berry Amber because you know...
Makoto Shirogane, is mine because Drans has similar idels, (forgot how to spell it)
Umm.. you can't... and you just got Akiko mad... I recommend you run
Stridsvagn 103. Can't go wrong with a Swedish tank, man.
Avessia taken!
I’ll steal sonica

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