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We're all inspired by something, whether it's life events, movies, TV, books, comics, even dreams. As I'm up with insomnia, I've been thinking a bit about RPs, past and present, and what inspired them. So here's a bit of what I've realized have inspired me.

Scifi - Star Trek (TV series), Star Trek The Next Generation (TV series), The Liaden Universe series (Book series by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller), Warlock series (Book series by Christopher Stasheff), Finders Keepers (Book by Linnea Sinclair), Star Wars (movies)...

Medieval Fantasy - The Pirates of Darkwater (Cartoon), The Lioness Quartet (Book series by Tamora Pierce), Dragon's Queen (Book by Carol L. Dennis), She-Ra (TV series, probably the old one as well as the new one, although I can't quite remember the old one), Cinderella, Shadow & Dagger (Book series by Anne Logston), The Enchanted Forest Chronicles (Book series by Patricia C. Wrede), Robin Hood (book, movie, etc?),

Other? Mixed? - Lost In Translation (Book by Margaret Ball), Girl Genius (webcomic), Myth Adventures (book series by Robert Lynn Asprin)....

I know that there's more that I can't think of right now, but these have offered ideas for universes, characters, technology, kingdoms, and plot ideas...

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Mostly books, shows and movies. I’ve drawn inspiration from Battlestar Galactica, a sci-fi show, Dune, part of a set of sci fi books, the Avatar, a show on Nickelodeon, the video game Breath of the Wild and MMORPGs like Neverwinter.

Or sometimes I’ll just randomly think of something, maybe while on a walk or doing chores.

I also got an idea from a comic. It involves an artifact that poses as a gift. It is given as a gift from a dying person, to someone who is young. The artifact carries a curse that activates whenever it’s accepted as a gift. The one accepting the gift finds his life force draining away, being siphoned into the dying person. Characters could be after the artifact, to stop someone bad from getting it. Or to sell it. Or it could be a last resort, if they are about to die, they could trick some NPC into accepting it and cheat death by causing the demise of another. Such an item would be sought after.
No specific place. Fragments from here, patches from there... I'd never be able to identify most of it. And a lot of it ends up being sort of self-inspired, in a way? Like things just naturally leading from one thing to another

Sometimes there are specific things that hit, though. For example, I had an RP primarily inspired by the song God Syndrome by Madame Macabre. Actually, I think for me, I'm more likely to be able to trace inspiration when it comes from songs as opposed to other media.
I’d say that much of my RP writing has been in the Middle Earth world, but I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from playing board servants snd writing companion stories based around some of the games. Skidoo, I can put from some tv shows, like Sons of Anarchy and original Star Trek.

Other inspirations are character-driven as I come up with a character and then work on a story for them. The character inspirations come from many sources... people I’ve known in life... aspects of parts of my life, etc. it’s just fun to create stories ...

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