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Dante Augusta (played by halwa_noori)

He pursed his lips at the woman, dark eyes glued to hers only briefly, "I don't wish to pursue fatherhood, so I would have to pass," Dante declared.
“Immediate pass, I rather not get involved with risky behavior. I already deal with three who seem to seek out trouble.”
”You look like you’d be fun to get into trouble with. Friend.”
"I may have already said this but somethings need repeating."

Korby Pureheart (played anonymously)

"Poyo..." ("Pass...")
"Is there a pet option? Friend it is" *pat,pat*
Captain Marvel (played anonymously)

Eyes wide as he looked her up and down, "Date."
Folo Pugs (played by Reithesniper)

Folo eyes the man "You look kind, but the life of a heros love is not for me-" she'd say "But we can pick flowers and throw things at anubis!"
Red Hood (played anonymously)

"Pass....I apologize"
Na Seo-Yeon (played by halwa_noori)

Her eyes were bright and warm taking in the sight of a man, a soft grin spreading across her lips, “I think we could date, I wouldn’t mind giving us a chance.”
Captain Marvel (played anonymously)

Ethan's eyes went wide, "Whoa, are you an actual, Angel?!" He looked excited, "That is SO COOL! I'd love have you as a friend!"
Basalt Basilisk (played anonymously)

"Oi. You look like a strong sorta fella. I like havin' strong lookin' friends." The heavily armored dragon-lady looks down at Ethan, and gives a double thumbs-up at him.
Martyr Daeva-Lazarus (played anonymously)

It was always a treat to meet a being that was something other than human. Being a demon with cryptid lineage, you would think that Martyr got see many others like her. Surprisingly? This wasn't the case at all. Meetings with her own kind were sparse, unfortunately.

"Christ on a bike, man-" the demoness looked up at the draconic woman looming before her, eyes wide with a healthy mix of amazement and caution, "You've gotta at least be over six-foot-five! The hell are you being fed?" Being a bit on the short side (short in comparison to this behemoth of a lady), Martyr found herself feeling the slightest bit nervous. She began picking at a hole in her mesh undershirt, as response to the weird prickle of sweat beginning to form on her forehead.

Despite the reaction, Martyr would pull through with a unexpected (or maybe not) answer. You know, I think we could be friends! Like, I could totes ride on your shoulders and reach tall stuff... or... something..."
"That's gonna be a pass. Sorry dear, but I don't think we're exactly compatible with one another. Best of luck to you, nonetheless."
Ronal (played by randomentity777)

"Friend. I wish to see if I can create some common ground between humans and Na'vi, and as another female with child, you seem like a good starting point."
Natalie (played by Taro_Nuke1)

"I suppose i'll friend for the time being... My fault for having nothing else to do anyway.."

"Mmm, another mage. How about a date?" ;)
“I don’t really have an issue with magic, but people don’t tend to react well to me. I’m gonna have to pass on the date, but perhaps friends?”
Zeth (played by khaellar)

Cerise Charyra wrote:
“I don’t really have an issue with magic, but people don’t tend to react well to me. I’m gonna have to pass on the date, but perhaps friends?”

Zeth gives the woman a sly onceover, then grins. He can tell what she is by the scent alone. "One of my own, huh? Date. I promise you'll have fun." He winks.
Strikingly deep blue eyes scanned over the man before her. Then after only a few short moments, she would give a single nod in some manner of approval. "I suppose that I don't have much reason to not, at the very least, befriend you."

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