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I had this topic as an entry for a raffle, but it was so much fun I wanted to make it a forum game so I could see more answers from people! Plus, it's spooky season! And Halloween is soooo clooooose!!!

In a horror movie....which one of your characters would die first and why?

Example: For me, Meredith would die first because she would more than likely be really drunk when the killer/monster shows up. If for whatever reason she's sober, she would still die first because she doesn't know how to fight, she'd probably mouth off and irritate the killer, or she'd be distracted by something and meet her end by doing something really stupid.

Aww...I hate to think of my characters dying, but it would probably be King or Amaila... both have that ready to die for the greater good mentality. They would be willing sacrifices if it ensured the others' safety.

So don't go doing anything reckless and making their deaths be in vain! Lol
If I'm honest, probably Athena. She's smart, sarcastic and entirely too ballsy for her own good. She doesn't have much in the way of fighting skills but she would definitely struggle and make it hard to kill her. And being resourceful, she'd try to take whatever killed her with her.
Honestly? Probably Angus. He's got a lot of brawn that can get him in trouble. Eloise would be the calm and collected one with enough brains to just leave the situation. Gus would charge headfirst towards the demon.

My Kenna. She's your stereotypical dumb blonde. The type to push a door open instead of pull. She'd probably die by going to the basement and getting trapped rather than run out the front door. Or hide in the corner until it gets her lmao
Of the ten displayed on my profile? Definitely Andronicus, the faun. Each of those characters has a distinct advantage- wits, strength, endurance, immortality. Andron has a decent intuition and a hard-hitting side, but he isn't tactical, and he's usually drowsy or drunk enough to dull his senses at any given time. Besides, everyone knows the comedic relief guy has to go first ;)
Tensai would probably die first. While she's a keen fighter, she's not exactly cunning, and her first instinct to getting surprised is to hit the thing that surprised her with a full power ki blast. So yeah, she'd be the first to go.

But you could probably bring her back with the Dragon Balls lol
Well, let's go through this here... Avessia would definitely survive, as she would be able to figure out what would happen in the future so she could evade it. Cyfrin probably wouldn't die either, as he can shape-shift to get away. Dani... she might be the one to die first, but let's look at the others, shall we? Enrico surely wouldn't die. Far too strong and clever for that. Maliata wouldn't, I don't think, because they would be the one doing the killing. Brookella wouldn't die so easily either, because she'd team up with either Avessia or Enrico and use her wits to help them and herself. Reverie wouldn't die first because, well, unless the killer is planning on shooting him in the head or something like that, he's not dying. Scoios would easily live, especially with the necromancy and the fact that he's, well, a vampire. Warren is 50/50, really. It all depends on how in the moment he is, though I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be the first to die. So I'm gonna have to say Dani. She is good at swordplay, sure, but she can be reckless and the lot, so she would end up being the first to die.

This is pretty hard as my characters are usually based around combat, probably Peter or Alex, as neither of them are particularly well-equipped to deal with a monster.
Definitely Soi. They have no combat experience compared to all my other OCs.

Dust is immortal, but can feel pain. Drans would kill the entity before they would die. Five would hear them coming. Dark can hide in the shadows, but only if they haven't seen her first. Mary would sacrifice herself in order to make sure everyone could leave. So... Mary would be the answer.
Oh, Sparrow by far.

First, she’s utterly human, where my others are least have some kind of power.
Second, Sparrow is a councillor and she has a need to help even the craziest of problem people.

She’s likely to be stabbed while asking for his life story 😭🤣😭🤣
I am 99.9% sure Meph would die first.

Though he is a formidable opponent, very skilled in fighting, he's the type of guy to stand between the monster and the heros of the movie.

And, let's face it, the first person to stand up to the killer usually gets gutted pretty superiorly.
Probably Eric, even though Torchie only has a week to live he still can set things on fire. So Eric just an average human and prone to error.
I can see him being that type to stumble on the dumbest things trying to run away. XD
Who dies first in a horror movie? Hmm, yeah, that honour is gonna go to either Patches or Bailey.

First and foremost... Patches. Ohh, Patches, such a naïve little thing. They just can't seem to comprehend that not everything wants to be friends.
Patches is, for lack of better word, stupid. Aside from fire, Patches fears basically nothing. They'll happily walk up to anyone or anything, no matter how big, threatening, or scary it might seem at a glance. Since this little thing wants to be friends with everything that can possibly be befriended, Patches would not hesitate to just walk straight up to the killer/monster to say hello, and... yeah, I'll let your imagination do the rest. We all know what would happen next.

Now, on the other hand... Bailey!
Compared to Patches, Bailey is much more likely to live. She has numerous ways of fighting back or escaping... But even then, Bailey's not untouchable. Plus, her compassionate and pacifistic nature is likely to land her into dangerous territory, as well. She's just a little too forgiving, and there's been at least one instance in a roleplay where Bailey tried to make amends with a monster and nearly got eaten as a result. Not good, especially when Bailey would much rather run away even when she could feasibly beat the killer in a fight.
Of my displayed characters, yes? Goodness me, obviously it's going to be Mr. Higgsbury. He dies, like, all the time as it is. It's sort of his M.O. but luckily the Constant wants him alive and kicking so he can continue to suffer it's wrath, so there is that -- if you can even call it a mercy.

Most of my other character roster is brimming with some rather resilient personalities. I can't see many of them just keeling over at the sight of a chain saw fella in a leather mask, or being knifed to death by ghost face. They would put up one heck of a fight.

But Wilson P. Higgsbury has a somewhat delicate constitution, but he would at the very least die with honor and without much fear. Maybe he's become desensitized or perhaps he's just accepted his lot in life and hopes one of the fresh starts will be the one that finally ends the cycle of needless dying.

Either way, this question's answer pretty much goes without saying: Wilson P. Higgsbury, hands down.
Hm, could defo pick one of the more 'ordinary' mortal side characters and shame them for being so lame and normal, but there really ain't any fun in that. If we're purely going off of the mains I use most often.. I think we'll end up with a bit of a sad truth.

It's Zero, 100%. Sure, he might be one of the most powerful magick users alive in his epoch, but that's still a budding talent, and at the end of the day, he's still a visually impaired nugget of a kiddo that's way too trusting and naive. Put him out there on his own, and he won't last for long. He's not keen on using violence unless absolutely necessary, gets major sunburn within 10 minutes of being outside unprotected, and his unique nature makes him a prime kidnapping target.

I'm not saying that to diss the lil' fella, but it shouldn't come as a surprise that a literal 12-year-old that lived in a Lab for over half of those years won't be able to fend for himself for very long. Kids are tough as nails, I know, but compared to the others, the odds aren't in wee Z's favor.

A'right, TED talk over. I'm really enjoyin' reading these!
Niskali, the honorable Warpriest. Why? He'd do his job. Intervene against the threat, hold the line, protect everyone else. No matter the personal cost. It would probably take a while assuming a mostly conventional threat, his scales are pretty darn tough, Pentatheics can handle a lot of physical trauma, he's got a pile of magic, and his standard warpriest robes and under-layer are lined with multiple layers of graphene and force distributing materials, so he'd give everyone else lots of time to get away or get ready, but he'd make SURE that he's the first to go if anyone has to.

If the danger source is smart and keeps him from doing his job, though, it would be Tsi'ka. Hive-creature instincts to not be concerned by her own death (especially since her memories would usually be saved in the Hive's psionic network) and the habit of becoming absolutely furious when something DARES to insult her and by extension the Hive by being hostile. Also she seems to die in RPs a lot. XD
Zex (played by Drake_Lie)

Honestly this one, he ain't got too good of brains in his non existing skull
Gotta be Len. Reckless bloodlust coupled with a bit of a deathwish tends to have that effect, plus they are significantly weaker than Korokas, Serrik, Sera, Alunya, or Antares. At least, the version of them described in their profile.

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