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Avessia (played by AliRevellian)

The title speaks for itself. Just look through the character above's profile and give a reason why you would befriend/date/etc. them.

I guess I'll use Avessia because she's my precious bby.

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Because ✨redheads✨ and she looks like someone very cute to protect.
Zaharah (played by hexblading)

Seems like someone worth keeping a mutually beneficial friendship with. Might have something worth using, or could trade secrets with from time to time.
Nox Muspell (played by AdoboKitty)

The king always needs more shadows. If they speak the language of money, even better.
Laralute (played anonymously)

"We have a quest in the forest and would mutually benefit by teaming up."
Greg Lestrade (played by Atheist)

"I think it would be best that we stayed together," Greg fixed the tiny being with a look of uncertainty. "I feel like you probably know more of what's going on around here and could explain everything I need to know because let's face it, I don't know what to expect anymore."
You look like you'd be a good cook.
Mallory (played by Marin)

(You didn't post from a character, so I'll just pick one: Annabelle!)

Mallory would hang out with Anabelle because she radiates cool big sister vibes and she needs more gal pals. She just hopes Annabelle isn't too cool to be seen with her~
Stephanie (played by Stephie)

Stephanie would totally hang out with Mallory (this is before knowing about her eating habits ofc)! The two of them would go shopping for the latest trends and have a basic girl kind of fall mall shopping trip, Starbucks included.
Mallory (played by Marin)

Mallory would be so thrilled to have someone to be basic gal pals with she'd be all smiles and giggles and probably wind up sucking up to Stephanie in hopes of being closer. I can almost guarantee she'd get really embarrassed after getting or giving a hug that outs her as being physically abnormal.
Peony wonders how a little red-blood can eat so much! Surely not as much as Peony, though, for she is mighty. Yes, quite mighty, indeed! Perhaps this red-blood would be an amusing competitor at a buffet. Surely the mighty Peony would win, though... would she not?

Maybe. Maybe not, for red-bloods can be mighty, too.
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight)

"A mighty steed!"
Jack Sparrow (played anonymously)

"Looks like an interesting... beastie, is it? I love a touch of strange~"
"Ew! Creepy pirate dude. Um, we wouldn't... not by choice anyway. The only thing I can think of is he kidnapped me."
"Can I be honest with you, doll? The only reason why you and I would even be near each other is if I was hungry. Mmmm, somethin' about entitled people really work up my appetite! Maybe that's just because I don't feel guilty about eatin' them?"
Sherlock Holmes (played by Atheist)

"I do not discriminate my clients," Sherlock said matter-of-factly. "If you and I are at all associated, I can only assume you've come to me with intent. To be honest, it is bound to be interesting all things considered, if I am to be affiliated with the supernatural."
Mallory (played by Marin)

I could see Mallory "hanging out" with Sherlock via asking him to help her track down the source of her strange abilities. She wasn't born this way; and it's a bit weird for a relic that has the power to mutate people and give them supernatural abilities to just be laying around where some little girl can find it, isn't it? She'd love to know who's responsible for that.
"Hey," Sophie whispered. "You're an older girl. Think you can sneak me some of the good stuff? Just a little bit! C'mon, you know what I'm talking about." With that, she leaned in close, doing her best to stretch upwards. "...The beer-battered fish-and-chips with tartar sauce. I'm afraid to ask Mr. Harrison because there's 'beer' in the name!"
Laralute (played anonymously)

"We end up bestest buds because we end up together through some chance happening through no fault of our own... well okay, I probably touched something shiny I shouldn't of... but anyway we have an amazing misadventure!"
Hayato Kawajiri (played anonymously)

"I would want to hang out with you, you seem like a cool person. You would also be my first real friend, so there's that..." He would cover his face with his rain hat.

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