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It's Time to Trick or Treat the Forums!

Posted by Kim on October 15, 2020, 12:00pm

trickortreat.pngMany of us may not be able to get out to Halloween parties or knock doors for candy IRL because of a certain global pandemic, but Halloween is going forward full speed ahead on the RPR forums!

Visit the IC forums for the rest of October and look for topics with titles that begin with "Trick or Treat". These are open roleplays - though there may be some restrictions on how many people can approach the door at once - so feel free to stroll your own characters down the walk and see what fate has in store!

This is a super fun event that allows for lots of quick scenes and introductions between characters who would have never ordinarily met one another.

Find a topic!

Want other people to trick or treat your character's residence?

If your character is ready to accept IC trick or treaters, please first read the rules. Then, post up a topic in one of the IC forums (General RP, Sci-Fi RP, Fantasy RP) using a topic title like this: Trick or Treat: Your Character's Name Here

Describe your character's home, then sit back and wait for the IC trick or treaters to start rolling in.

Feel free to post the link to your forum topic in the comments of this post if you want more visitors, but this post will auto-update tis list :)

Rules and tips

Start only one trick or treat topic per person. You can trick or treat in as many topics as you like, but please, post only one topic of your own so that we have enough trick or treaters to go around.

This is a friendly event, even if your character is normally a baby-soul-eating demon -- please do not join in order to assault or harass other characters. Moderators are on duty to help if things get weird!

Closing your topic: If you need to close your trick or treat topic to new visitors before the end of the event, please add the word (closed) to the title of your topic. Include the parenthesis. This will remove your topic from our lists of eligible topics in the news posts.

Stay flexible: Also keep in mind, sometimes trick or treaters need to go AWOL during their scenes. Stay flexible and don't get too caught up in a posting order, so that one person needing to study for a test doesn't prevent others from ringing your doorbell during this two week event. :)

Accolade eligibility: You're eligible for candy accolades for each thread you trick or treated actively at any point during the event, meaning you kept participating at moderate levels until the mini scene was over (your character exiting counts as the scene being over), or, if you did your best but stopped receiving responses from the OP before you could complete the scene. You cannot earn candy for trick or treating your own topic, not even as an anonymous character. You must visit other people's topics to earn candy accolades.
candyapple.png candycornbright.png halloweencandy.png candyapple.png candycornbright.png halloweencandy.png candyapple.png

You can earn a jack-o-lantern accolade if you host a Trick or Treat topic for at least seven days, between October 14th and October 31st. You must respond consistently to all trick or treaters until either they post leaving, the event ends, or you close your topic to new trick or treaters with a wrap-up post and change the title to include (closed). If you simply stop responding before the 31st, you may be disqualified from getting a neato pumpkin! However, you are strongly encouraged to keep your Trick or Treat topic open until the end of the event.
litjackolantern.png litjackolantern.png litjackolantern.png

Accolades can only be awarded on user profiles -- if you participated in the event as an anonymous character, you will receive a message asking for your permission to award the accolade.



October 24, 2020

Just a reminder - you can trade in your trick or treat candy for some beautiful fall leaves with Moa in the week after this event, too :)


October 17, 2020

@MissPixie - I think this is very much an "it depends" situation. I've sometimes counted it, for example if the character went up to the door and never received a response, and a week later poses leaving. Or, if they went up to the door, and the OP posts but acknowledges only other characters, or gives them nothing at all to respond to, or if I was aware there was a falling out that happened and leaving politely was the mature thing to do, etc. etc. I would very much hope that people would get into the spirit of the event and attempt at least a short interaction beyond arriving and leaving, however!


October 17, 2020

I have a questionnnnn....! Well, mainly looking for clarification. Say a person posts in and then posts their character leaving in the next post, meaning there's only two posts for participation. Does that still count towards getting an accolade or does participation need to be more than that?


October 17, 2020

I started a Trick or Treat called Trick or Treat: Spookyland starring Pumpkin Man as he opens up a candy studio


October 15, 2020

It's that time of the year. o w o!

Super excited to get my thread started when I can!


October 15, 2020

Yes! Always super excited for this event!!


October 15, 2020

Is it just me or do the links in this post that are supposed to redirect to each RP forum not work? I clicked and got a "file not found". Anyway, I was JUST wondering when this event would start up and I'm very excited-


October 15, 2020

I missed out last year, due to my hectic rl. But I'm glad I can make it up for this year. Happy Hallows Eve/Trick or Treating all!


October 15, 2020



October 15, 2020

I didn't really get to participate in this last year! Can't wait to try my best this year!