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Proooobably Zoey. Had the encounter before with a concerned, fatherly detective inspector so the soft spot is already present!
I'm really liking Wilson Higgsbury. He'll be coming with me, please!
Rook! I love archer character hahaha, and she looks cool 😄
Goddess of Love! She's a baddie archer and really pretty ;_;
Claine Moderator

Is Stephanie your sona? I hope it's not weird, but she has such a cute design!
yeah, she's my 'sona! thank you so much ;~; but for you, friend, I'll have to nab Adael!
Guess I’ll take Stephanie
Nightstorm Gemstone, for sure.
You have WAAAAY to many to choose from. But I’m going to be simple and choose the Afarit
Imma have me a pet raptor :D
Allan, because he's spooky. And I think characters like him are pretty cool.
Charlotte is awesome! Definitely a keeper. *Yoink! Sneaky modern rogue type character.
I'm stealing Who, because I've seen him around before, think he's neat, and have a weakness for animal-like or anthro creatures and characters ^^
Davis looks like the man you'd chill out with, with a beer. Yeah. That guy.
Agent 47, my my! From one canon player to another, it is refreshing to see others who are willing and raring to participate in playing already existing characters. It is certainly a challenge, believe you me, but the rewards are worth it in my humblest of opinions!
And from you, my friend, I steal Sherlock Holmes. Cause why not Canon character gang rise up
Oh damn, i didn't expect so many choices i'm abit overwhelmed lmao. Hmmm i suppose I'll snatch Bismarck, she's the one who caught my eye first.
I'm really enjoying Harriet's vibes. She'll do nicely with me.
Sentinel looks cool. Mine now!
Claine Moderator

I couldn't possibly choose between Rivka and Cedric

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