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Collaborative OC Building Event 2021

Posted by Kim on September 3, 2021, 9:00am

The World-wide World Building Event got our creative juices flowing, but now it's time to shift our focus to a slightly different way of sharing ideas and collaborating.

Between September 3rd and September 12th, we're going to help each other create original characters (OCs). If you need to break out of a RP rut and try out the brainspace of a totally new sort of character, this is going to be the perfect event for you.

Want the community to brainstorm character ideas for you?

If you want the community to help design a character for you, post a topic on the RP Discussion forum with a title that follows the format "Collaborative OC: (Some descriptor here)"

In your topic, include 1-3 basic facts you want to be true about your character.

Example 1:
I want ideas for a character that...
  • Is male
  • Has horns
  • Is an assassin

Example 2:
Please help me create a character like this:
  • Fantasy genre
  • Has lived lots of past lives

Example 3:
I want to make a character that has lots of scars.

Remember, for this event you can require NO MORE THAN THREE but AT LEAST ONE traits about the character to give people a jumping off point.

Please, start only one brainstorming topic per person! We don't want to overwhelm our community with requests for their creativity. :)

Starting on the 13th, it will be your job to go through all of the ideas that were posted for you and create a character using as many of the offered ideas as you like, and that make sense together.

Build an RPR profile for that character, and be sure to include credits somewhere on the character's profile for every idea you pulled from the brainstorming topic. You will have two weeks to finish building the character from the community's ideas. You'll end your thread by posting as the new character!

Want to help brainstorm character ideas?

This week, be on the lookout for topics on the RP Discussion board with titles that begin with "Collaborative OC." Check out the basic traits the OP is looking for, and then feel free to offer as many ideas as you want -- they can be about appearance, personality, quirks, backstory, costume, whatever you think would help flesh out the character!

In this event, you may build on the ideas that other posters have already added to a thread. But, if you have a totally conflicting idea, that's okay too. You don't even have to agree with your own ideas, if you have multiple potential versions that the OP should consider.
Every potentially useful idea you post in someone else's collaborative OC topic will enter you into a raffle for more RPR character slots.
The last day to get ideas in is the 12th! On the 13th, the OPs have to start creating their characters using their favorite offered ideas. :)

Let's get brainstorming!

Thanks to Dndmama for the idea for this event! :D



September 12, 2021

Tried and don't regret, people gave so many ideas i can make 3-4 characters.


September 5, 2021

So I tried to do one for the heck of it and could not stop, really fun to read a short prompt and see where the imagination takes it


September 3, 2021

Oh dear. I know someone this event might as well have been made for. XD

Hopefully everyone has lots of fun with it. :)


September 3, 2021

Greetings... I almost always create original characters... I do want to help others who may find it difficult to create an original character... I have even created characters for others... so I am ready to help...


September 3, 2021

Woot woot! Can't wait to offer up my creativity!!!